The level of “BLA!” I felt this morning – and the utter, exact POLAR OPPOSITE NOW!
- Sometimes I wonder how people function in general...

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Sometimes I wonder how people function in general…

The Bozos, the nuts, the idiots who claim “exercise is not required daily”, the jackasses claiming “train hard one day, take the rest of the week off or light”, the maroons jerking off to the tunes of “train different body parts on alternate days” – and in general, again…

I mean, honestly.

Most people treat working out as a chore, hardly do it, even the easy stuff, if at all, and stuff their gullets with all sorts of crap and “comfort food” while beamoaning the state of their health and claiming masks will save the world or other rot …

Yesterday, I took a very rare break from working out.

Not because I was tired.

Not because I was busy.

Not because I did not feel like it.

(I was busy, yes, and I didnt feel like it, yes, but that was not why. It was one of those truly unavoidable “life happens” reasons that even I could not get around, so be it).

Note I still did way more than what most people do on  a day of what I Consider “strange but utter rest”.

I stretched, and did a workout out of Isometric and Flexibility Training, I trained dead hangs, and I walked. More than what most people do in a week, I’d say.

Yet, this morning when I woke up – something was missing.

The OOMPH I normally and naturally have – no coffee or tea required – was not quite there – I mean, it was there, the mojo, but “not quite” if you get my drift.

And I didnt even eat anything out of the ordinary compared to what most idiots do.

I ate bananas during the week, some healthy sweet options – and for dinner, it was a light meal of vegetables (potatoes, cauliflower, some carbs, and that was that).

I slept well.

But still …

Working out was number one on my list today as it always is.

And as I sit here breathing like a runaway train after 200 squats, a mini isosmetric workout – I was pondering … Just HOW do most people get through their days.

No exercise, or the wrong kind, certainly no deep breathng, the key to it ALL …

And plenty of crap shoved down their throats daily both mentally and otherwise.

No wonder the world is in the state it is.

I keep telling my friends that ask me how I stay free of the usual sniffles and waffles most people think are “endemic”.

Or “because of the weather”.

Or, other crap.

I hammer it out of my system via workouts, is what I Tell my friends.

They scoff – those that don’t believe.

Some claim “we workout – but not like YOU, Macho Man!”

And some claim “you’ve built a great body” and do nothing to further their own aims and secret ambitions in that regard.

Sad, the way people kill of their own dreams and desires, don’t even know it, settle for less than what they want.

Did I just talk about the majority of people out there?

Yup, I thought so.

But anyway …

Life without exercise is like going through life with your valves plugged, the energy flow stopped and drained – hell, I even felt dehydrated this morning after doing what I consider very little, after tons of water, green tea and the like … if I dont work out, my system dont function, period – and the SAME holds true for YOU reading this, bro – or sis – or whatever you classify yourself as .

I simply cannot imagine the alternative.

Maybe some people can, but I Can’t.

No excuses, and certainly NOT without deep breathing, the key to it all …

To get on workouts that keep you in top shape, and dont take forever and a day – my squats for one took roughly 10 minutes from the 7 or so they take, and that was because of isometrics WHILE doing them …

…. get on the train HERE.

See you aboard!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Those of you ordering paperbacks, DO write back with your full address and phone number. In the future, I’ll have a shipping address section added to the checkout form along with billing address (which is there now) – but until then, shoot me an email and let me know (or it will go out to the billing address on file). Dont forget your phone number either – it’s needed for the shipping process (again, until I have that option on the checkout form).

PS #2 – Not to mention, the addiction most people have to their dumbphones – ugh.

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