Squats improve your performance – at everything.
- YES.

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Over the past month or so, indeed since somewhere around Jan 5 – if there was ONE exercise I could say I’ve been doing – it is this – SQUATS.

Before that it was jumping rope for a couple of months, if not more, but NOW?

SQUATS, squats, and more squats. Morning, squats, afternoon, squats, late night, squats. I’ve even cranked them out while drinking a few cold ones. Hehe. (not recommended, but hey!).

Mostly bodyweight and Hindu squats.

Some others too, some patented Rahul Mookerjee squats, but mostly, I’ve been focusing on the basics – the heavyweight “to go” exercises – bodyweight – and Hindu squats.

I covered Hindu squats in 0 Excuses Fitness, of course – the books and the videos.

But if there was one exercise I would have really gotten into in that book, if I could go back and redo it (which I yet might someday) – it is bodyweight squats, a great, great alternative, and even guys that  are great at knocking out sets of Hindus – well, you should never ignore the bodyweight squat.

Along with this, pull-ups and Indian club work.

And thats that.

And the results over the past month or so have been nothing short of splendid – and fantastic.

Done right, deep breathing included, in proper cadence, there is nothing that beats this exercise, my friend – not pull-ups, not handstands, except maybe certain types of pushups – nothing.

The “legs do indeed feed the wolf”! (as many an author has said).

Work the legs and back hard, you work the ENTIRE Body – period.

Not only that, the mental focus you build while doing these?


Do 500 squats in a row without stopping, then come back and tell me about your goals, and how you RACED towards them – and past ’em!

There is nothing that builds mental toughness quite like squats do – except perhaps long hours of hiking in hot weather.

In 0 Excuses Fitness, I termed pushups as being the big dog of fitness – rightly so.

But if there was an exercise I could call the GRANDDADDY of fitness – it is the SQUAT.

And I Really should have emphasized the squat more in the book, I feel.

That don’t mean, of course, that the great videos and such I put out were “wrong”.

Doing 250 – or 500 pushups – a day – or more – is something ALL The greats did.

From Mike Tyson to Herschel Walker to Walter Peyton and countless others, they’ve all done it, and so thats a great direction to point you in.

But squats, my friend – if you’re looking to burn fat – build muscle – and in general get a workout for the entire body nothing else can give you – and FAST – then squats will do it.

Not only that, your performance on everything else will improve – dramatically.

Pull-ups, pushups, all will improve even if you dont work them heavily while doing squats – provided you do the squats right!

So if you’re not squatting by now, my friend, GET to it – today – now.

It’s that important.

0 Excuses Fitness gives you all you need to know about these sort of workouts, get the book, the videos, and get CRACKING.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Please dont listen to the idiots, and there are plenty of them who tell you “dont go all the way down”. This is right up there with the retarded “bounce of the floor” pushups you see, and the “swanging in the breeze” pull-ups. YES, you DO go all the way down in the squat, the purpose is to build the entire body, especially the BACK of the body, hamstrings, butt, and NOT just the “thighs”.

And if you dont “because you ain’t flexible” enough – well, get on Isometric and flexibility Training now.

If you have the initial book, get “Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training” – TODAY.

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