The truth about grip training
- Is something you might not think about.

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Yours truly is “three sheets to the wind”.

Not quite to the point I can’t barely type, but that was the case a week or so ago – pun not intended, or maybe so. Hehe.

My forearms hurt from doing all those pull-ups.

While typing, I can feel it in my forearms. Hehe.

And perhaps thats why I gotta talk to you about grip training – NOW.

Yes, NOW.

I spoke about how people keep saying “I’m a runner”, or ” so fit” … or, other things like that.

I explained to you how the squats over the past coupla months, 500 bar none over the day (with the very rare exception) have done the same magic they did years ago – that hill climbs years ago did – except in far lesser time.

But what I didnt talk about is grip.

Look, every time I climbed that damn hill, my forearms just FELT stronger

Anyone thats done any serious leg / lung training of any nature will know what I mean.

You train the legs, you train the whole body!!!!!

And these days, when I look at people my “age” – hell, I feel around 22 or so – or whatever age is deemed “young” – and when I talk to them – GRIP their hand .. and more …something is very evident.

Good, hard, LEG training is missing.


And here’s the thing.

You can train your grip all you like with grippers, dumbbells, static holds and such.

But until and unless you train your grip with some sort of movement that trains the ENTIRE body – i.e. lets say fingertip pushups holds, or dead hangs – you won’t really get “nowhere” if I might say so.

I just did, by the way …

More importantly, for something like grip – or even chest – the BIGGER muscles feed the “wolf”.

Leg training, my friend – there is NO substitute for it – especially when you “stride” in to grip someone’s hand, and give him the Gorilla Grip.

None at all.

All of this might sound cryptic.

It likely is.

Charles, my “former” yet always in my heart friend would probably complain.

Deep down inside though,Charles, you know what it’s about.

Its about kicking ass, and taking names.

As someone once said..

It’s about REAL man (or woman) training.

About REAL training…

It’s … well.

If you’re reading this, and still dont know what this is about, youre probably not the right person to be reading this!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Train legs hard – learn how right here.

PS #2 – My most popular course was Gorilla Grip, however, Isometric and Flexibility Training seems to be VERY WELL on the way to “superlativing” that. Check out why!

PPS -Why does a man do what he does? So his near and dear ones can ENJOY. Blessed are those that UNDERSTAND this – believe it or not, most dont!

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