Toes, the missing and forgotten component while doing Hindu – or bodyweight – squats!
- One of those little details that truly do matter.

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It’s such a tiny detail you’d be forgiven for thinking “it doesn’t really matter that much”.

But as with the tiniest of details, the “small things” are ultimately what matter – the most.

Steve Jobs once spoke about his Dad, I believe, he was building a wooden “something” (I cannot recall the entire story)- and his Dad told him you should make the back of the box, something most people never ever see – with the same amount of care and precision you devote to the entire product (and what most customers “see”).

There is a tome to be learnt from that statement.

What people dont see – or train – is what matters.

In the case of fitness, that is the BACK of the body … I’ve written so much about this before.

Today, though – lets talk squats – again.

If youre looking to blast past “x number of consecutive reps” – shoot for 500 straight bodyweight or other squats – or anything of that nature, what I’ve got to say will help you beyond belief.

And it works best when you train barefoot when doing your squats.

That isn’t to say don’t wear shoes. I often do squats with shoes, but barefoot is the best way to me because your TOES grip the ground too – if you’re doing it right.

It’s also the best way to train bodyweight, since you’re training the feet – the ligaments, tendons, fascia of the FEET while training bodyweight, and the more you activate the toes and balls of the feet, the more your entire body gets activated.

That isn’t a discussion on, as some people would say, “I dont believe in Chinese pressure therapy” (or reflexology or what not).

Whether you believe or not, you’ll FEEL it – in your own body.

And here’s the tip.

When doing Hindu squats, or bodyweight, or a combo therein – you guys might have noticed beyond a certain point you have to “change” foot positions ever so slightly.

I believe you’ll see this in the workout video in 0 Excuses Fitness too.

And this is fine.

But if you’re shooting for say 100 rapid fire, yet proper form squats without budging an inch … well, then your feet better have a good grip on the ground.

When I do my squats, my toes are all “scrunched and flexed” – the equivalent of doing fingertip pushups, almost.

This is a detail hard to explain via words alone, so maybe I’ll put out a video on it, but those of you doing a lot of squats will KNOW this – and have likely discovered this intuitively.

When you “grab” the ground with your flexed toes, when you maintain focus on your toes along with form, you’ll find you do the exercise a lot better, activate the legs even more and get a LOT more reps in than you would otherwise.

Youll still need to pause occasionally, but thats fine.

And it’s the last four toes on each foot that you really focus on.

Try this the next time you do your squats, my friend.

And tell me how it feets!



Thats that for this one.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – More on how?

While wearing flip flops, try “pushing” down with the last four toes right NOW.

THAT is the position it should be for squats as well. Again, I’ll put out a video on this maybe, but thats how it’s done.

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