Focus on yourself, NOT the competition!
- A key lesson most fail to learn...

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This morning a battle royale seems to have broken out between the wife and the daughter over something seemingly inconsequential.

Isnt that how most world wars started? Hehe.

Over “Mommy taking a bath in the morning” (apparently she used to at night, then in the afternoon, nothing’s fixed apparently – like my friend Ricky told me about himself “I’m a like a guy they plug and play when they need me, where they need me!”) . . . and apparently “winning the race about it with the daughter” (I did not even know there was such a race).

My daughter has a competitive spirit from the time she was born – like me – unlike me, of course, where it was all subdued due to “parents” – with her, its the other extreme (at least in terms of grandparents molly coddling her).

Now, I keep telling her, to an extent this is great.

Hating losing is something ALL Winners do, if they didnt hate losing, they’d never WANT to win, but therein lies the nub, and the other half, you have to WANT to win.

You cannot simply hate and then do nothing.

“I’ll disturb you so you can’t bathe” trilled my daughter, which then led to the battle …

Admittedly, this is negative thinking.

Admittedly, when raised in a Nazi feminist household, this is what happens to young girls – and the boys, well, they are raised to be “submissive” or some such crap.

I’ve seen it all my life, I never got involved in any of it and Im not going to let my daughter turn out that way either.

But this battle royale got me thinking.

IT’s about focusing on YOU.

Improving YOU. Daily. Becoming a better you, striving to become a better YOU – daily – NOT so much thinking about what others ar edoing or not.

Dont get me wrong.

You notice, yes.

But thats it.

Let me give you a story fitness wise, true story.

I’ve told you about how I was always mocked for “wanting to be strong” – and therefore never BECAME strong at a young age – as opposed to the raw physicality many of the other students around me exuded where physical prowress was, as it should be, not just tolerated, but encouraged.

I still remember a friend of mine “Rajinder” who was “solid” – despite having a belly.

I’d hit him in the belly, he’d tighten it and wouldn’t even feel it.

My word, I would say, enviously.

I can’t do that!

“Well, MAKE yourself like that”, my friend would tell me.

I’d also ignore a lot of the other positives I had – such as brain – success with the opposite sex (from a very young age, hehe) – that a lot of the other guys would kill to have.

This was noticed by my close friends as well.

“You think you’re not good looking!” went my friend Dheeraj when I tried to downplay the issue of looks (because I’ve always believed the physical is something you have to WORK FOR, while looks, well, no-one can choose them, so I’ve always valued the former more).

But anyway.

If I had continued to focus all my life on “how strong they were” – “what they could do” – “they can do 100 pushups, I can’t” – I’d be at a big fucking zero right about now.

For a lot of my life, I did just that – until the age of 23 or so, once I first went to China.

That hill changed it ALL For me – Ann Lee, I’ll be forever indebted to you for this!

THAT was when fitness wise I Started focusing on myself.

Not only did I correct all my weak points and turn into the bodyweight exercise guru, but I’ve left the so called strong guys FAR behind in the dust NOW.

I would have never done that if I continued to be “jealous” (like a certain Schofield) and hadn’t done shit to improve myself.

THAT is the lesson of the day!

Even today, there are exercises like side splits where there are people better than me.

I dont moan and groan about that.

I get better at it daily.

Pretty soon, I’ll be surpassing them, but that ain’t the point, the competition is with ME – not the rest.

If I surpass the rest, that is a BONUS, not what I am striving for.

Jeff Bezos often said the same thing.

“We focus on what WE are doing, not the competition!” (about Amazon).

(and customers, of course ie Amazon focuses on customers, and then what THEY are doing to make everything perfect for customers, period)

Indeed, Amazon does some things so innovatively – their special offers, their algorithms, their Amazon Pay (especially in some countries) – that no-one else does – their Amazon Prime, which was ridiculed when Bezos first came out with it (and today, it is the #1 “profitable” source for Amazon) … or close to it …

None of this would have happened if Bezos focused on “them” – and not Amazon.

THAT is the lesson, bro.

A lesson a lot of us would do well to learn …

Let me know what you think!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If there is one thing you will learn once you start the 0 Excuses Fitness system, it is what I just told you up there. Get better – for yourself – daily. (by DOING the thing daily).

The rest will take care of itself.

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