“Man, how do you THINK of so many variations!”
- Hehe.

It’s interesting …

I remember a conversation I was having with the wife once about Amazon, and a lot of their very innovative special offers that only the discerning would notice – Amazon, of course, prides itself on serving all, but especially those that are business minded!

That above bit might sound strange, but I’ve dealt with them for years, I publish my books (paperback) through Amazon, I do everything I can with Amazon – including having Amazon Pay on the site as a means of payment – which unfortunately for now, despite working a few days ago –  is not at the moment – tech errors again.

We’ll get that fixed (it’s an issue at my end).

But I remember her telling me once …

“I wonder who THINKS of all this at Amazon!”


It’s what you gotta do to make a company lean, mean, FUTURE PROOF (thanks Dwayne!) – and “for the long term”.

It’s called investing – and reinvesting – and doing whats best for the customer repeatedly – and having the gumption and persistence to wait it out for years without turning a profit even – until the “floodgates” open – and how!

Anyway ……..

In came a comment the other day about Pushup Central.

Kevin from the US again …

Part of his comment about the book was to do with the different types of pushups etc mentioned in it.

And here is what I wanted to share with you. Hehe.

“Man! Just looking at those difff. styles of pushups, I wouldnt have ever thought these were possible!”

and this –

“how do you even THINK of these!! i mean, pushups, to me, i would never have thought you could do them on your back!”

There was more – I’m quoting from memory (this was a few days ago).

But this bit was what I wanted to share, hehe.

And it’s THIS bit that people dont get.

Bodyweight exercises, or any exercise, but especially bodyweight exercises – have NO upper limit.

Hence, you can never really be a Master at them – true Masters will tell you that.

Take the pushup for instance.

Regular pushups.

Once you get good at them, do ’em on your fingertips.

Once you get good at that, take fingers away until you’re doing them on less fingers – finally, just the thumb – if you can!

GEtting good at those too?

No problem, Bruce Lee…

Elevate thy feet, and repeat.

Getting good at those too?

Take a limb away.

Then take a lower limb away.

Then torque your body  – or “spider man” it – as I show you in the book.

And thats only the REGULAR pushup we’re talking here.

EACH of these movements, my friend, you could work them for an entire lifetime, still not be done, and make superlative gains with EACH workout if you know what you’re doing!

How do I think of these, eh. Hehe.

Well, it’s called years of practice, being in the trenches, giving you the REAL SCOOP no-one else does, the info that flat out works.

Think it’s just pushups?

Think again –  my upcoming book Squat Central will cover more than a few ways on how to do squats as well!

Yes, Hindu squats and regular bodyweight squats, but there are SO MANY different ways, so many subtle nuances that I have not covered as yet, each making the workout different, more energizing, more productive, that a book is definitely in the offing on this one.

Along with Advanced Plyometrics – that is one to watch out for as well.

For now, of course, there is more than plenty to keep yall busy HERE.

And thats that for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Almost forget, Profit Troll – another one in the works! This one will teach you how to not fear trolls (something all of us that have actually DONE something in our lives, or at least tried have encountered i.e. “crab mentality pulling that one solitary crab back in, or trying to”) … but actually WANT to be trolled, welcome them, and PROFIT from them.

It also tells you WHY trolls do what they do, and gives you a peek into their sorry mentality, so you can exploit it (like I have, and continue to do, hehe) – for your OWN benefits – or profits – or both if you so choose.

I should have put the Bozo on the cover of that one, hehe. Maybe I will!

But thats another one to watch out for.

So much to do, so little time…

As my buddy Ricky keeps saying.

“It’ll happen when it’s gotta happen”.

So true!

Thats how my entire life has worked until now!

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