Why your ability to create regardless of other things – is what ultimately makes or breaks you.
- Well, one of the things.

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It ain’t the most important thing, but it’s right up there, I’ll tell you.

And while other factors come into play – gumption, persistence, imagination (the most important, perhaps) – a willingness to believe and PERSIST – creation, my friend is what human beings were put on this planet to do.

Lets not even get into the debate of “Creator” here – what I am about to say applies regardless of religion or what God or Goddess or several or not you believe in.

I’ve been reading some great quotes as of late, one from a writer, Nicholas Cole I believe (I believe he’s a “somebody” on Twitter – probably off it too) …

One was about how he lived without internet at his place for years – because “when I came home, I did not want to waste time watching mindless Youtube Videos – I wanted to write my book!”

So sage.

I was reminded of the time yours truly canceled Wifi at his place – a decision not taken lightly, hehe – and the benefits it gave me.

Of course, I only did it for a week, but given my hermit like habits – sitting in a dark room damn near all day long except when working out etc, never answering the phone, and so forth, that much was enough.

But I can’t stand it when things like Wi Fi are made out to be “essentials” – sure, they are in many ways, but we survived and thrived long before devices, and likely will in the future as well (guess how Wifi and all those damn devices were invented? By an actual BRAIN, not the dumbphone dumbing down brains galore – indeed, folks, you’d be suprised at the sheer vehemence with which people defend their dumbphone, but not their own brain!).

Then something about “no matter where you are, what you are facing, how hot the room is, no A/C or what not” – “the work remains the same”

So true.

You create, or find a way to do it no matter what.

I did not research this dude on the internet, but I’m sure from his words he’s someone that has been there, done that, in the trenches and then some.

And this is about creating.

No matter how tough the economy is, no matter how the world is, no matter how good or bad things are, no matter whether you’re a biz owner or job seeker or what not – you CREATE results.

your ability to create the results you want, of course, depends on the work you put in, and how creative that work is.

For business owners, something to bear in mind is something I’ve often said i.e. EVERY thought you have in your mind can be turned into a product for which there is a need – a market – and people will pay good money to buy it, and learn from it.

Fitness, business, life, you name it, there it is.

If you’re an artist, you keep creating new paintings, perhaps.

If you’re a piano player, ditto with your tunes.

If you’re a job seeker, you find ways to make your job more productive to get to your end goal (and if you dont have a goal, you might as well not read this. I’m so sick of people aimlessly drifting along with NO goal in life other than to chatter away on social media, complain, watch You tube and so forth…) …

Ask Dan Kennedy, ask anyone thats been there and done that – your ability to CREATE – new things – or products – continually – is one of the single most important things that will carry you throughout your entire life – indeed, until now, in YOUR life, you have been creating results yourself either consciously or not.

Along with that, something to bear in mind during these turbulent times is that business happens regardless.

It might not seem like it, but people spend money regardless, and find a way to buy the things they really want regardless of anything else.

We are an incredibly resilient “species”, way more than we give ourselves credit for in many ways.

Anyway …

Fitness is the same.

You might have a lump of fat (or several) and not much else at all right now fitness wise, you might not be able to do a single pushup or squat, forget pull-ups, you might not have an ideal environment outside to workout, yada, nada schnada.

But given what you have got, what can you CREATE?

Can you create what I did, ie a fitness phenom out of the polar opposite?

Sure, I had motivation and inspiration to do so via the most unlikely means you’d think possible, but I did it.

So can you, my friend – and my books and courses push you along towards that very goal.

You need very little, maybe nothing at all other than you, and that indomitable SPIRIT of yours …

The rest is all superflous, as I like to say.

If you want it bad enough, you’ll create the results somehow, regardless.

Believe me, I know what I’m talking about here.

For a change, no direct sale on this one, hehe.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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