The “hell” challenge under lockdown in Shanghai.
- Interesting this one...

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I’ll post it here – I’ll type it out too.

But first, China, with its zero tolerance of COVID etc, is under lockdown again in certain areas. Shanghai for one has been under a state of total lockdown for like forever.

While the rest of the world, or a lot of it has forgotten about the plague from China (rightly so – you cant let it ruin your life) – while some of us never gave two shits about it in the first place (indeed, I cannot recall getting a test – and I dont think I ever will, hehe – neither will I, despite restrictions etc wear a goddamned mask anywhere) … China is the opposite.

To each his own I suppose, if their zero tolerance policy works …

… Except it doesnt.

China still hasn’t controlled covid despite the draconian measures in place for almost 2.5 years now (which show no signs of abating).

Anyway ………

A lawyer chick from Shanghai I know posted this –

(on her wechat – I replied with the Chinese equivalent of “Princess workout routine while under total lockdown in China).

except that “Princess”, I highly doubt she would get past stage ONE of this – or maybe 5 at most.

Lets see – let’s type this out!

A – 30 jumping jacks

B – 20 crunches

C -30 air squats

D – 15 pushups

E – wall chair (one minute)

F – 10 burpees

G – 1 minute plank

H- 20 squats

I – 50 jumping jacks

J – 15 crunchs

K – 10 pushups

L – 15 mountain climbers

M – 20 burpees

N – 20 mountain climbers

O – 40 jumping jacks

P – 25 burpees

Q – 30 crunches

R – 15 pushups

S – 30 burpees

T – 15 squats

U – 1 minute plank

V – Two minute wall chair

W – 20 burpees

X – 60 jumping jacks

Y – 10 crunches

Z – 20 pushups.

Somehow, I feel this has been written by someone not very knowledgeable about training, especially the way he(or she) ends off with way more numbers than they start off with.

Dont get me wrong, warm ups and all, but still, I’d expect those big numbers to be there in the middle of the workout, not end.

But what do I know.

Now, my thoughts on this workout?

In no particular order?

Well, first off, what stood out – if done in good form – and a damn useful fat burning tool – the jumping jacks.

Most people probably wouldn’t be able to do the numbers mentioned – most AVERAGE people.

But a lot of the workout is flawed – especially the crunches part – and how the pushup and squat numbers never really increase.

Of course, if this workout is for girls as well, and those that “just workout a bit” – then perhaps it would work – most people these days would be hard pressed to do ONE perfect pushup, let alone sets of 10.

And the mountain climbers are great, but she doesn’t mention if its 20 on each leg, or all together. Trust me, makes a difference!

Anyway ….

I got to thinking.

What would the 0 Excuses Fanatics think of a workout like this ?

Sort of a variation on the ole “deck of card” workouts we have read so much about …

Not a bad workout if done right, without rest (her workout doesnt mention time or rest) – and pretty taxing too in terms of the burpees and jumping jacks – if done right.

Otherwise, the isometric part – well, one minute hold on the wall chair is EASY peasy for me.

Might not be for all, certainly not if you mix it in with a regular workout.


I’ve made my thoughts clear on that, the “up” position of the pushup is far better than the plank.

Mountain climbers I’d say do at least 40 on each side to really get the burn going, as for squats, they need to be done in sets of 100 minimum at a fair clip to really get somewhere.

Sets of 15, great to begin with, but you’ll want to work up to MORE – at ONE go.

All in all, the only thing I really like about the workout is the jumping jacks and burpees.

I’d structure my own workout way differently, one example of that is in the 0 Excuses Fitness videos.

Not to mention, there is no grip work or pulling in this workout, leg work is LESS as compared to what it should be more – which doesn’t surprise me, of course.

Most people would rather go jump off a cliff or something than do what really matters and counts, heavy leg, back and grip work.

Anyway, I doubt I’ll be telling “Angel” (her name) this.

She looks pretty angelic already, what can Isay!

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

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