Ah, the entitlement!
- Interesting, but familiar to most of you I'm sure.

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I’ll never forget the way my wife once “blazed at me”.

I was asking her about my daughter, and about how she and my mom loves to “hide” things from me in in that regard – play their silly control games (as most men with half a brain, and thats rare, as I wrote in a post an hour or so ago will know) “weaponizing the kid against the father” – and how “equal rights means equal responsibilities”, but so does the reverse – and how if even as she claims “I only do so much” – then I should at least get “so much” say in the matter – and so forth.

I could be pissing into the wind or whistling Dixie out of my ass for all the good it did. Hehe.

Like John Walker once rightly said “that brick wall will likely make more sense”.

He wasn’t just referring to my “wife” (I use quotes for a reason) either.

But the entitled attitude with which she shot back …

“You should be paying my bills, your daughter’s and doing most of the housework!”

Admittedly she didnt say the last, but thats what she wants. Hehe.

And since I do none of what she deems right i.e. I pay what I deem right, not what she in her astro-enabled-social media -shedia influencer influenced LUNACY (I’ve written about that before, have I not!) deems right – remember, this is a woman who constantly claims “she has no money” – claims “he gives me no money” when the transfer reciepts are right in front of her (and of course, short memories – when money is in front of her, all’s well, when it gets pissed away, all’s not)  – claims “I have no money” – and yet has all the money in the world to piss away on idiotic mantras, affirmations, trying to shove it down my daughters throat, idiotic religious nonsense, or paying influencers on social media to “delude” her into thinking “think it! It’ll happen!” and so forth …

(curiously enough, much like Bozo Schofield whining about “I dont have money” so he can leech and mooch off his friends – admittely gullible ones – that keep feeding him money – she always has money for herself even when she “doesnt have money” – and if she doesn’t, it’s handed to her. Hehe.

And yet, the rants, thick and fast! LOL)

Where was I?

Since I admittedly do none of the above, although I Will admit – in the past, I’ve given her WAY more money than I should – the rant comes – thick and fast.


She ain’t the only one either, and neither is my Mom.

Nazi feminism has taken root ALL over the world, my friend – but it’s only now that men are starting to get sick of it and stand up as a whole.

And more power to them.

I saw it coming years ago …

And believe me, growing up in a Nazi feminist family like I have, dealing with it subconsciously all my life, I could have either wilted or given in – or fought and done my own thing – and third, figured out a way to make MONEY off it.

I chose the latter two options.


And life’s always been kind to me ultimately.

My friend the other day remarked about how “he was just a medium for God to help me”.

“You dont believe in God”, he went.

“But thats OK!”

ANd it is.

I dont believe in religion, but I ain’t got a problem with those that do – more power to you – so long as no-one’s blowing shit up in the name of religion (we all know who) or trying to shove their crap down my throat – hey.

I’ll fully support your right to practice whatever religion you want …

Life, my friend, ultimately helps those people who help themselves – either instinctively or by design.

The vast majority of people don’t.

All the astrology crap, staring at “I’m a money magnet” on your phone and so forth (it’s wierd, or maybe not, my wife tries to hide all these things from me, but somehow, I always get to know of it! HA!) won’t do a goddamn thing unless you use your own subsconscious the right way.

Nazi feminists, of course, don’t use their conscious in the right way, if at all …

Anyway, the entitlement pisses me off.

And know I KNOW where I come from in terms of profiting from it – and so can you, if you apply the tips in my pathbreaking (I challenge you to find one like it) book on combating the disease, and winning – but not just winning, profiting handsomely from it too. 

And I’m glad for it.


The more battles you fight, the more knowlege you gain.

And I’ve used it so well in one of my other businesses. Hehe.

Simple, if you think about it, most dont.

Fuck entitlement is the bottom line.

It’s about work, and results.

And I’ll end this one here.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Not interested in benefiting from Nazi feminism, and learning how to? Fine, thats your choice, but learn how to get in the best shape of your life right NOW (which is probably why you are here anyway, unless you’re Sarah Wong or Suzie Wilson or what not wanting to spam me with articles about housing for seniors) – The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Ps #2 – Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla once termed all this as “you’re dealing with extreme gynarchy, Rahul!”.

Which I’m not sure if he knew I knew this already, of course.

Hey man, I’ve been dealing with it since I was born.

Fuck ’em all. Hehe.

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