The self defeating “no questions” paradox of Nazi feminism
- I did not know what or how else to title this one.

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I did not know what or how else to title this one.

I really didnt, so I used the title above.

But this – well, this one is going to be a short one about “questions”.

Any decent conversation, you’d think involves them – question, and ANSWERS. Direct, straight answers.

To the point, or not, crisp or not, verbose or not, and so forth.

But questions and conversation are what rule the nation – unless you’re talking Bozo Schofields or Nazi feminists – or the majority of females in general I’d say these days.

(it’s amazing, Bozo actually has a lot in common with Nazi feminists and women, but the reason he gets away with even less is the same reason that biological males no matter how much they dress up as women are always the “butt” of ridicule. Hehe. Pun intended, maybe not – especially when they masquerade as “charity providers” (apparently that, from what a certain Chinese girl told me, is Glyn’s latest scam)).

Apparently he’s a well respected “global charity company” .

LOL is all I can say to that …

But back to questions.

I’ve noticed, and no doubt anyone with any sense has too – when you ask Nazi feminists, or women, or Bozos in general questions that bring out their Bozo side – or just plain ole questions in general that are easy to answer directly -they wont answer.

They’ll squirm in discomfort – or if backed up by cuckolded fool men, they’ll try and “brazen” their way out of it.

Part of the reason I’m called an aggressive evil is because I dont respond back in kind.

They yell, I grin back. Hehe.

And then I ask them the same thing again, even more politely.

It drives them insane.


And the responses I keep getting ..

“I can’t answer everything!”

“I’m not an answer box!”

Curiously enough, when a WOMAN asks them something, they answer rightaway. Hehe (and not about sex etc either this, this is about ROUTINE matters).

I remember once asking my wife about … gasp. Laundry detergent.

(If Glyn with his washing machine fetish is reading this, his ears will PERK up. Hehe)

All I asked was a mild question to the nature of “had she bought it” so I didnt have to buy it (again).

The response that provoked, you might think I was Russia downing Ukraine with a nuke or something.

OK, thats a bad example, I know. But thats how she reacted, the anger at me asking even a simple question. ‘

of course, it’s the usual frustrated resigned answer to WOMEN who will slap the taste out of them right back if they bitch at women about these things.

THIS is what I hate about Nazi feminists, more than anything else.

No goose and gander under the guise of “feminism and equality”.

Equality my hairy butt …

There was never a more unequal and irrational philosophy – so says this UBER rational male (Whose often derided for “he can win any argument” – but the idiots who deride are usually the cucks and fools themselves).

Bottom line, logic rules.

Bottom line, goose and gander.

And bottom line, few things piss women and Nazi feminists off more than MEN asking them questions.

THEY Can ask you all they like, you can’t (if you’re a man).


Now, I dont know if I put this in as a specific tip in the book, I probably did – but there is  way to both ask them questions and answer them – that will drive them nigh batshit INSANE.

I see it happening in front of me all the time. Hehe.

And if you want to learn how, well, get the book NOW

As for self defeating, well, the logic – or lack thereof – is self evident in their philosophy.

Ditto in REVERSE for “ours” (if you’re on the RIGHT side of the fence there. Hehe).

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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