When you only have 10 minutes… or less…
- More common than you'd think!

Before you read this, for a minute, put aside what I say (which is 200% true) about the 0 Excuses Fitness System giving you all the workouts you’ll need within 15 minutes or less.

It’s true, yes. That is probably one of the main, along with the full body workout, emphasis on deep breathing and massive increases of T-rone (for you guys out there) one of the main draws of the program, indeed, an unique selling point if any.

Put that aside for a few minutes as you read this, and picture the following.

Too much to do. Too little time.

Wife’s screaming, kids are sick, emails keep coming – all urgent – and if you’re an entrpreneur, the “never enough hours in a day no matter how early you arise and how late you lop off” type, or a Jeff Bezos “aspiring to be” or something of that nature, there is ALWAYS something to get done – NOW …

Even if you’re the average Joe or Jane and plan on working out at a certain time, life keeps happening, and despite your discipline and such – – the phone keeps ringing, eating away at your originally planned half an hour workout time while you keep thinking “ok, now lets get to it”- and then bang – something else pops up.

Finally, you’re ready for a much delayed lunch in 10 minutes, computer finally on hibernate, phone firmly out of sight………..

… mind working overtime, workout and such, but also work – or other duties.

Those 10 minutes, lets get to it, you think.

This afternoon, and indeed many other afternoons, I’m faced with exactly this scenario.

I dropped down, started squatting with NO warmups.

10 minutes on the dot later – – and several messages to the lady who famously once called me an aggressive evil, hehe – – 350 – 4PM – I was ready for the last exercise of the workout – which most “ordinary” people wouldn’t even be able to do (the workout, as well as the last exercise) – that was a minute hang on extra thick “gripz” on the chinning bar.

In the meantime, I also got in 250 squats, worked up  a nice light sweat in my living room with fans, A/C all on full blast – – and did isometric kicks – and isometric STRETCHES too.

Then I ate lunch, took a 10 minute breather though I did not need to, energy levels didnt drop even after eating, and I’m back at it NOW .

It is precisely THIS scenario, which if any – I could use as the major USP for 0 Excuses Fitness.

Maybe I’ll update the sales page to reflect what I just said above, maybe I won’t.

But these mini workouts done throughout the day are something I’ve been doing for ages, and something the ROW in general has just picked up upon.

Ahead of times I like to stay, and more than that, these short, intense brief workouts SHOW on you – in a good way.

You’ll huff, puff, burn so much fat you wont believe it (much like you were out sprinting).

Your legs and upper body will become solid as granite,  and you’ll have a corrugated core – and a back of the body that if you do it right, can truly “back it up”.

Your health will improve by leaps and bounds.

Your general stamina levels will skyrocket, sleep problems will NOSEDIVE and be GONE.

T levels – or “woman” levels, whichever it is – will go through the roof.

And all of this, and more, within 10 minutes flat.

Just imagine if you went 15-17 minutes, or perhaps 30 minutes at this clip.

Or, those rare days you have time an hour even …

Imagine what would happen if you did something like this DAILY – even if it was for 5 minutes in the AM, 10 in the PM, or whatever way works for you.

If your imagination tells you you’ll be in a hell of a lot better shape a year from now, or even months from now if you do this, it’s RIGHT.

Picture it.

Then DO it.

Really, friend, it doesnt take much time at all.

And THAT, my friend, is why you must invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System now. If you’re STILL on the fencola, well, get off it NOW.

And get to it.


Rahul Mookerjee

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