The sage Napoleon Hill manner of handling disagreements, arguments (of a certain nature!).
- Not really fitness related, but still.

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This is not a fitness related email, my friend, so you can click away if that isn’t your cup of tea.

But, I highly recommend you to read it anyway.

In Napoleon Hill’s Laws of Success, he mentions a case once when he was working late, and the janitor of the building turned off the lights while he was still in it – doing something very important.

Hill was pissed off big time due to other events that happened that day, and he went down and gave the janitor a piece of his mind – big time! (in those days of course color etc probably played into “how he said what he did” as well – this was pre-1940, remember) …

… the janitor listened to him calmly.

Hill went up, resumed his work, but something was amiss.

The guy just listened, he said nothing back, and HIll eventually decided to go down and apologise.

He did.

The guy listened to him again.

And then – smiled back.

And said the equivalent of “hey, I understand”. It happens!

With that one smile, Hill felt as foolish as he had ever felt in his entire life.

I’ve had these cases happen to me a lot – but what I want to talk about is something Hill kept writing about in his books – one of the hidden gems often ignored. (there are many).

Us “thinkers” have the privilege of being called fools, bozos, elitists and so forth in a sarcastic manner by Bozos globally. Yours truly who from a young age subconsciously has been doing all that REAL doers have done throughout the ages, without even reading about it first (and hence my contempt for fools following the so called experts on social media etc) knows a thing or two about that!

The other day, my friend called me a “fool” for confusing Easter with Good Friday -when it was just an off the cuff comment about holidays.

Hey, I have made no secret of the fact I’m not a religious person, never was – and dont intend upon changing that.

If you are, thats great – more power to you.

I ain’t, and thats me. Good for me too!  (this holds true for ALL religions).

It was just an off the cuff comment about the Friday holiday and so forth, and he took that to mean “I didnt know about it” (funnily enough I Was researching the Jewish passover at that time. Hehe).

This morning, I wrote several lengthy notes to him – which I’ll paste here.

Well, I’ll paste the relevant part.

Here goeth –

With regard to me not knowing about Easter, Good Friday etc – you’re sadly mistaken my friend.  It was just an off the cuff comment. Obviously I know Easter Sunday etc – but even if I didn’t, like Henry Ford said in his famous deposition – why would I clutter up my brain with useless facts which don’t concern me, when I can push a row of buttons on my desk and have men come in to answer every question I may need answered?
The same is true for me – I can ask Google, as everyone can. I am not and never was in the least bit interested in religion – that is a personal choice and i don’t intend upon changing it. ?
All I’m saying is you can’t just say the other person is stupid or “gandu” for that sorta thing. I mean, you “can”, but it’s silly in my opinion. .
As far as women go, we clearly have divergent opinions. You have the “majority opinion” Ie “mine is different”- but she is not, my friend. Women are monkey branching cunts in general, and you’ll understand this down the road too. It’s fine if you don’t believe me though, but again, I’m telling you as a friend.
I doubt you’ll bother reading this text, but i request you to anyway, haha.
Chat tomorrow – I was sleeping when I got.your call this morning. ?
Funnily enough, come to think of it , I was researching the Jewish Passover yesterday. Ever heard of that? Haha. I hadn’t…lol.
My manager in NY once asked my supervisor about ‘is Rahul doing alright”? Supervisor replied sure, no need to supervise him . He’s a good coder, and what he doesn’t know he doesn’t ask, he just Googles it
Anyway, chat later.

yeah, I was pissed.

But then after sending that …

This guy is someone who never reads texts etc, he wants everything to be done “on the phone” with a million other things at the same time as well.

Which is a complete no no for me, y’all know my opinion on the phone!

Maybe that approach works for him, I dont know, but I Suspect facts bear out mine is far better.

I mean, if you’re talking to a man, talk to him – not do fifty other things at once requiring your attention, and none of those 50 other things get done right, but hey – thats how most people operate!

More power to them I suppose.

And so, after sending that text, I had a thought.

“He’s probably not even going to read it”.

And is probably going to call back asking the same questions I just covered (happens a lot).

So I deleted it.

Instantly, I felt “better”.

I dont know why – perhaps because I got it off my chest in a way that wouldn’t cause issues later – either with me, or him.

After all, it ain’t important either way – there’s plenty of people that think I’m a fool, if one more wants to, more power to him eh. Or her.

In Napoleon Hill’s Laws of Success, he wrote about the same thing.

What he basically said was if you’re REALLY pissed at someone, you really want to cuss him out etc – go to the beach, write out the words in the sand – get it ALL out.

Or, do so on paper. (I believe Hill did this during the janitor incident I mentioned up there).

Then, do nothing.

The water will wash away the words, the paper can be crumpled up and thrown away when you’re calmer.

And thats what I did with my texts as well.


It’s how I handle many of these “mis understandings” – of course, this don’t work for all cases, but I thought I’d let you know anyway.

Might help you, who knows!

And that, bro, is the end of this rant.

My friend Ricky seems to be “oscillating too” on the pendulum of “are women for us, against us” etc.

And often goes back to the same ole “but mine is different”.


No she ain’t.

But thats his choice to believe that, I suppose.

Maybe I should send him my book.

Come to think of it, he’ll look at the 10 page or so sales letter and run for the hills. Hehe.

I’m out – back soon!

And if you interested in fitness made it all the way through this, pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW.

If you already have, get a few more products while you’re at it. The best ever from yours truly!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I highly recommend y’all to read Napoleon Hill – the guy was a visionary, way ahead of his times, what he said is equally applicable today as it was back then.

PS # 2- And again, this is not a one size fits all approach. This might not work for everyone. This isn’t always the right way either, i.e. sometimes you DO need to talk to the person, not just “get it out” – but other hand, words have way more of an impact on people whether they realize it or not, so I choose mine (and what I tell others) carefully. So should you, in my opinion! 

As far as religious “festivals” of any nature, I enjoy the holiday, and thats that. Hehe. Always been that way! Reminds me of my “BPR” (beer pizza religion) I had back in school, lol… 

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