Vascularity, and more…
- Something a lot of you want..

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It’s high on the wish list for most people – especially forearms – and calves too, for many people.

If you’re a boobybuilder, you probably yearn for the unnatural “veiny pecs and shoulders” look a lot of boobybuilders and gym goers have – a prime example being the great Sylvester Stallone, although to be honest, his training is anything but boobybuilding THESE days (and when he first started out – but the Rambo III days were something else altogether!).

My daughter and I were once having this discussion on “veins” when my arms were next to hers, and I was resting – yet, the veins in my forearms were as prominent as ever – especially the back of my hands.

Strong veins running up and down the arms, plenty of blood flow – you pull-up enthusiasts for one know what I’m talking about.

“But you’ve been doing it for years!” my daughter interjected, pointing out the only “one” vein in her cute little bunched up first – puppy fat and such.

Well, thats fine, I laughed – pointing to her hands. Thats a lot of puppy fat there as well, and it depends on body fat does vascularity, I went, explaining it to her.

And so it does, my friend.

While the boobybuilder veins may look good, much like the accompanying muscles, they tend to disappear as soon as you STOP boobybuilding or pumping yourself full of dangerous, harmful anabolic steroids.

It’s about real training – and its about something most people hate to hear – low body fat.

Not unnaturally low, but low.

Its about something most people dont want to hear – HARD WORK.

And it’s NOT about something a lot of people love to make excuses about – genetics.

ANYONE can get those vascular forearms, for one, if you work them right, ditto for “diamond shaped calves” with the associated vasculature as well.

And contrary to what you might think, while they’re sometimes a pretty good indicator of how good of shape you’re in – they’re by far not the ultimate indicator.

I’ve seen skinny weak dudes with amazingly vascular arms, and then I’ve seen barrel chested STRONG guys with massive forearms with little or vasculature.

Me, personally, I’ll always remember Marc the African Silverback Gorilla looking at my forearms once after a dinner of sumptious pizza.

For some reason, those veins were truly bursting out that day – the 100 or so pull-ups I did had a lot to do with it!

Anyway, I’ve always said looks aren’t the primary reason to be training, or shouldn’t be.

It’s great if it happens as a byproduct, and it probably will – but dont let that thought control your training – or life.

Same thing for “vascular” limbs which most people want.

And those are my thoughts on that. short email this, so I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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