How to lift – RIGHT. And, the best way to train the GRIP.
- I could use either title../

I could well title this email “how to best train the grip” and I wouldn’t be far off.

But, lets stick to lifting.

And this applies even if you’re lifting heavy barbells etc, even (to an extent) you’re doing those moronic curls or what not for the “pump” .

It sure applies if you’re doing heavy lifting of the sort, real lifting – that will be there in Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness.

It applies if you’re doing pull-ups – in fact, it even applies if you’re PUSHING, except perhaps less so.

I dont know if I’ve written about it, but I’ve been having a case of elbow tendonitis for a while now – likely caused by pull-ups done in improper form one day when I was nigh exhausted, but got through the workout anyway.

I’ve still been training, much like I kept doing fingertip pushups even with a nigh near almost dislocated thumb.

Not because I’m a masochist, as Sophia so loves to claim. Hehe.

It’s because that is the best way to recover, and indeed, years later (a time when most claimed “it will never stop hurting”) – i was proven right yet again.

The thumb is as good as NEW. Wouldn’t have been if I had followed advice and done nothing except plaster and ice the damned thing.

Now anyway ….


When most people lift, do they even remember heavy lifts are supposed to come from the legs and core?

Maybe the wrestlers reading this, if any – do.

Maybe boxers as well, maybe REAL lifters – but most lifting?

They’ll read, and then try to muscle it through with their arms anyway.

Here is what should take the “load” – pun not intended –

your legs – then your core – and then your GRIP.

That is the order in which the “power transfer” coming from the legs and core should be done.

Done right, you should barely “feel” your arms lifting the weight.

Your fingers and arms should be simply “holding it” as your LEGS and core do the lifting.

As I recover from my injury, thats something I pay extra attention to …

And this will actually, if you’ve been training legs back and core right, allow you to to lift far more than if you were jerking the weight up “with strength” alone or upper body alone (more of the latter).

It’s simple , and it’s elementary.

And a good axiom to remember in this regard is “your larger muscles should always work FIRST”.

The same thing applies to pull-ups – your BACK should do most of the lifting, your grip should only show up at the end of the movement.

Those who really “squeeze” the pull-up bar get it.

Most don’t get it, Watson.

Watson does, which is a pun unto itself that will fly over most people’s heads reading this.

Puns aside though – the grip.

STATIC positions or holds are the best way to train the grip, I’ve often spoken highly of the DEAD hang on THICK, THICK bars.

Of fingertip holds, and fingertip pushups (which your grip is still being taxed in a static manner).

Or, simply LIFTING with the legs and core allowing the grip to hold on, but thats it.

No actual pulling comes from the hands, or so you’d think …

Ultimately, again all boils down to something lazy phocks don’t wanna hear.

That its all about leg, back and core training.

And grip done right.

Do that correctly, and the rest takes care of itself.

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Rahul Mookerjee

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