The lengths Bozos will go to avoid exercise.
- I dont mean just Glyn either.

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Glyn Bozo has been awfully silent as of late. Maybe all the sh-harity he did a while back caught up with him – both in the rear and otherwise, hehe.

For those not in the know, research the Bozo. You’ll get an idea of who he is.

If you’re in the UK, say hi to him as well. Hehe. He loves being called “Bozo Schofield” apparently.

Anyway – that bit aside?

My daughter for some reason, from what I glean hasn’t been in the pinkest of health over the past few days.

From what I glean – I use the term since according to the Bozos that “run the show” (the two Nazi feminists I keep referring to) “what do I know”.

Right, what does Rahul know.

She’s been havin the chills, fever, coughing all of that – off an on, nothing serious, bouts of throwing up etc …

Some may think “oh my God”.

To me, knowing my own system and knowing how my daughter’s system works – it’s simple, and boils down to this.

And anyone with any brain knows this (of course, brain isn’t exactly a commodity in excess these days) …

As Herschel Walker once famously said.

“Take care of the core, you take care of the entire BODY”.

The same applies to WORKING the core.

I’ve been saying the same thing forever, so I could well write “As Rahul Mookerjee says”, but then of course you’ll have ass clowns saying “so what”.

Interesting how some times, indeed, over the years SO MANY TIMES – Ive said the same things – usually years in advance – that the so called pundits later say. When the pundits say it they’re right, when I say it, “what do I know”.  (no, I dont consider Herschel Walker to be in that “Bozo” category. He’s a doer of the highest order, the man has nothing but my undying respect!).

But, back to my little one, whose pretty cranky these days apparently.

They’re trying all sorts of tricks.

Apparently turning the A/C off will solve it.

It didnt.

Apparently “rice” instead of bread or whatever will solve it.

It didnt.

When I made a comment to cut out processed foods, I was met with “what do you know! You ate it too when you were young!”

Yeah, what do I know, about my childhood that I keep talking about on the sales page of Gorilla Grip and many other books, plagued by ill health and way less vitality than should have been there (though admittedly even with all those handicaps, my mind kept me doing far better than the majority of my compatriots at the time).

“She needs more exercise”, I mildly once said.

The backlash, oh my.

What do I know, eh.

It’s amazing what the world has come to.

Sick kids are allowed or encouraged to eat (whatever unhealthy junk their parents or caretakers find) – while on their dumbphones for one.

“Because the world has changed, you dont get it, Rahul!” they fume.

Indeed it’s changed.

Indeed I DO get it.

And Indeed I do NOT accept most of the changes.

A writer once described Sylvester Stallone in Get Carter as a “dinosaur from the action Era”, an “anachronism that never changes”.

I’d rather that consistency and sticking to basic values as opposed to Glyn Schofield like (and it isn’t just him, it’s in general these days) – “men should have the right to wear skirts”) …

The same is usually said about me, and has been for years.

Facts dont lie though, friend.

A good solid exercise system would get the junk and constipation out of not just my daughter’s system quicker than anything else would – it would also do far more for most adults reading this than getting on Bozoflix, browsing the internet, “staying soooooooooo busy while always on social media” or whatever other inanity is going on.

Bozo Flix is apparently losing subscribers at such record speed (and yes, I predicted this one coming too!) – that they’re considering ads “now”.


Something Rahul Mookerjee has been doing since he was born …

Anyway, thats the deal here.

Work the core, work the entire BODY.

And the best place to start is by getting Corrugated Core NOW.

Get after it NOW.

This truly IS a book which will give you a hardcore CORE, not the beach boy look!


Rahul Mookerjee

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