The fallacy of “we live in a civilized world” so it wont happen to me.
- Amen.

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I still remember a comment Marc, the African silverback Gorilla made on self defense (basic skills).

“Everyone thinks it’s a civilized world, so they’ll never “need” those skills”

A man should have at least BASIC self defense skills!” (I believe he said “everyone”).

Now, most people would read this and look past it.

“I have a gun” some might think.

“I don’t need those”.

“I never fight anyone or get into physical fights”.

Or of course “thats what the cops are there for”.

Fact – when seconds count, the cops are often minutes or more away – and it ain’t necessarily their fault either, especially these days with the libs going all out on defunding police departments etc …

Fact also is, end of the day, backup options rule.

Fact also is, every time you THINK you dont need a backup – you find out later you do. Life, business, relationships even – that is a sage “amen” truism you should bear in heart – and mind.

MULTIPLE backups is the way to go.

Take, for instance, guns.

You may never need to use one – hopefully not, but if you ever need to, if your family or loved ones are in danger … it would make damn good sense to, no? (if you absolutely HAD TO and there were no cops around, last resort etc)?

Fitness is the same thing.

While being super fit isn’t the same thing as being proficient in self defense techniques, the two go together.

And it’s a fact, Jack, that being fit can at least, even if you aren’t a skilled fighter – help you hit back far better than if you’re a fat slob. Comes naturally.

Civilized world?

Look at what is happening all around, it’s been heading that way for AGES.

As an aside, I read an interesting bit about how ole Iron Mike “lost his cool” on a flight and “punched” a fellow passenger.

If I had really hit you, you would have known it” I still remember a friend of mine Aaron saying (about a seperate incident back in the day).

I saw the video, some drunk white dude badgering him up and down about something, Mike told him not to, he kept doing it, finally Mike gave him a bit of a “tap:”.

BUt just that, a tap.

Believe me, Mike Tyson – even at his age – if he even hit him with 10%, dude wouldn’t be sitting around to TALK about it. Hehe.

I mean, common sense folks, celebs need to be left alone too ..

As Iron Mike rightly once said “social media seems to have made people immune to the fact that disrespect often causes you to get punched straight in the face“.

That was the gist …

And he’s right, as he so often is.

Back to it – dont think “you’ll never need it”

(no, not to fight Iron Mike. Hehe. ) (especially not when you are being an idiot and ass, as this dude was).

But seriously, fitness is something you should ALWAYS have – real world fitness.

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Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Upon popular request, we’ve enabled Cashapp payments on the site too. Let me know how it works!

PPS – As they say with technology, “all the tech in the world, yet you gotta get things done yourself if you want it done right”. Same thing with fitness etc, or other skills. NEver think “you wont need it”, minute you do, a couple of minutes later you find out you DO need it …

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