Workouts YOU guys do
- And more ...

Lots of you do custom workouts from my books – or, “mix n match” your own current workouts with the ones I advocate.

Both approaches work great, there is no one size fits all as I keep saying. Do what works best – for YOU.

And as I’ve asked before (and as a lot of you have written in) – share some of the workouts YOU do – and I’ll share ’em with the world!

The more extreme the better.

The more elementary (if that is the case) – the better.

The more “boring” – the better!

Point being, I ain’t looking for you to tell me some fancy crap in this regard.

Tell me the nitty gritties – what WORKS – for YOU!

And I’ll share them with this list, since everyone would like to know!

And for a week starting today – and ending roughly, lets see, by the end of the month (April 31, somewhat less than a week) – the MOST extreme workout – a REAL workout, not something someone “makes up”- along with proof you follow it (no, it doesnt necessarily need to be pictorial either) – will get a FREE copy of my possibly one of my most extreme workout books – Battletank Shoulders, a book like all my others, is worth its weight in gold, spades and then some.

Though it weighs lesser than some of my other books, of course. Hehe.

But anyway, as I head into my own workout – those of you writing back with your workouts and your photos – well, I will feature you on the DOERS page for free.

This is a project I had started last year, we never got around to completing it, but we will this year I’m sure.

And all doers that do this will get a $50 straight off discount coupon on the site – period.

OK, thats it for now.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee