What we can all learn (the ONE thing) from the Russians and the Chinese.
- In my not so humble opinion.

The first thing I want to say is this – this email is going to ruffle a lot of feathers.

The second thing, a lot of my supporters, fan base etc – I’m running the very huge and real risk of LOSING those very same people by the words I’m about to speak here.

So be it, because the time has come to say it – again. I’ve said it before (in terms of how I’m certainly not a “Communist” supporter, but ying and yang – there are SOME good things to even that type of rule!).

This whole piece boils down to TALK LESS – and DO MORE.

And this is what I am about to talk about here.

Along with that, hypocrisy.

I’m sure there will also be questions about “which side I’m on” – “you’re either with us or against us” kinda thing, but nothing is ever quite so black and white, my friend.

Let me preface this by saying, as I did before (and I’ve been meaning to speak out about this for  while, but I have not) – I do NOT support and never have supported what is going on in Ukraine right now – much like I was very vehemently against what the Chinese were doing in 2020, most notably on the Indian border in Galwan Valley.

Yet, at the time – that time – when the Chinese invaded India essentially, the whole world “talked”.

A few like Trump and Sentaor Tom Cotton (a man I greatly admire) actually wanted to DO something.

Yet, end of the day, who DID and talked less?

It was the Russians.

It might be a hard pill to swallow for some but historically, the US has either been on the side of Pakistan (a known terror sponsor) – and/or China – the Chinese would never have got to where they are right now without America.

Of course, the inept Indian admin which was there at the time of independence didnt help, neither did their pro Soviet stance, neitehr did sending soldiers to Korea while China took Tibet, or Nehru famously saying when he was given the chance to be a part of the Security Council “India is a peace loving country, we’ll give that to China!”

The first part is true, the second, well, I’ll let y’all be the judge on that one.

My point is this.

Simple enough.

There is a lot the West can DO right now in terms of what is going on, but the will isn’t there.

Economically, the sanctions applied smack of HYPOCRISY i.e. people are too scared of their own economies collapsing and people not being able to bear the pain of no gas or whatever – and therefore, they aren’t really sanctions.

I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true.

There is no  DOING there, it’s talking.

Militarily, what the Ukranians are getting is left over Soviet crap that even the nations giving “dont want” any more.

Maybe it helps them some, I dont know. Only their President could tell you!

But it ain’t real “help”.

My point is not to take sides. My point is also this, and again, I dont support what is happening in Ukraine.

My point most importantly, and I’ve said this many times, talk less, do MORE.

A lot fuckin more.

It applies to fitness too.

People TALK a big game, but what do they DO?

People TALK about becoming a battletank, but do they DO the battletank shoulders workouts?

Do people take the TOUGH decisions? The unpopular ones?

In 2020,  the Russians were the only ones who promptly and quietly with no fanfare sent India tanks to buttress against the Chinese.

Those same tanks are sitting right now in the Ladakh region, do we ever hear about that?

During the war in Bangladesh in 1970, oddly enough the US never wanted those guys to gain their independence from Pakistan – and even sent in a battleship to the Bay of Bengal to serve as a deterrent.

The Russians of course promptly tailed it with their subs and therefore – well, Bangladesh was liberated.

The point is this, the Russians don’t forget their friends – or enemies, but more importantly, the Russians dont talk. They do.

The U.S. for all the talk, or the West in general is only NOW starting to, with Boris Johnson’s trip to India “woo India”, but even then, scrutinize the FINE PRINT of the “fighter plane tech” deal, you’ll find that on the ground it doesnt really help the INdians that much.

The Brahmos missile, something most of the world doesnt have is an Indian – Russian developed missile.

Again, none of this is to denigrate the West – obviously not – you on the list know that very well about me.

I’m FRUSTRATED though – the West is more interested in transgender sports competitions than being real men or women – talks about human rights and all this all day when really speaking, it is not an issue in the US at all for the most part, we’re hardly in the Jim crow era! – this BLM nonsense – this utter idiocy of opening the border up to illegals galore (I mean, I dont hear the left complaining about that??????) – has become too soft to withstand any real “war” of any nature – and talks all day, but DOES very little, precious little, when the enemies are right there at their doorstep, which is NOW.

(it ain’t just the US either, look at what is happening in the UK, all an illegal alien has to do is show up on a boat somewhere around the Channel, and he’s pretty much given free passage in – doubt much has changed despite ole BOris trying …)

That philosophy is what the enemies, namely china are banking upon …

I’m frustrated that these sanctions are a big joke, and have ended up actually financing the war more than not – maybe that is what the defense companies want? Hmm! Ever hear of “opportunity during war”? Most haven’t, but it’s true!

I’m frustrated that the US admin hasn’t been doing much to bring manufacturing back home which is what is really required (to build America back into the powerhouse it once was, and still is to a large extent). INstead, you have the NBA, Jackie Chan, Coca Cola and all these companies kow towing to the CCP, all for the mighty Dollar, does anyone ever speak out against that – I mean, lets call a spade a spade (I’m aiming this at the left weeping about human rights in America -ever been to Xinjiang in China for one?????).

Build back better my ass. I’m yet to see a single damn thing Biden has built, hell, the Texans got it right in terms of making their OWN wall, and busing illegals off to Biden’s doorstep.

Oh wait, Sleepy Joe is on his latest tirade about forgiving student loans.

All the goddamn economists sitting there to advise him, this dumbass doesnt understand the very real meaning of “The Piper has to be paid sometime” even when inflation like never before is staring most people right in the face?

(of course, people like my former friend Charles are banking on just this i.e. “all will be forgiven” and not paying dues for like years and he ain’t the only one by far)

(of course, those of us that play by the rules – ????)

Incredibly dumb is all I can say!

A lot has been made of how Trump admires Putin, how certain right wingers do not outright condemn everything about how Russia handles itself, well, I agree with them.

Putin is a real man, and a look at his workouts for one will tell you that.

China, on the other hand hardly has someone whose probably even exercised in his entire life at the helm.

But it’s the mentality that counts “sharp as a tack” is how Trump once put it in (about xi).

Can’t say I disagree…

There is something to be learned for planning quietly, absorbing pain – sometimes for decades – and then doing secure in the knowledge that you cannot be attacked back outright without tremendous loss on the other side too.

And that, my friend is what is going on here.

(and in China right now where the economy is being battered like never before, yet, once the Chinese decide to lockdown, well, nothing and no-one will or can stop them).

(not that I support the madness. Fuck!)

A lot of people that unsubscribe from this email and send me nasty notes will of course ignore the fact that not once, not anywhere has Trump, myself, or any of the other “right wingers” involved support the massacre in Ukraine right now.

Yet, reality bites.

And if someone is stupid enough to provoke a grizzly hell bent on destruction (when it sense harm to itself) – well, then the consequences will come to “bear”.

Maybe that is one reason the Grizzly is on the cover of my “shoulder compilation” that I put on Amazon recently…  (i.e. personally I wouldn’t fuck with a grizzly – or the Russians for that matter, but hey, who am I to say it?)..

And that, sadly, is what is happening right now.

My solution to this would be for Ukraine to live and let live with their much larger neighbor (frankly, even with all the so called modern resources the West is finally starting to pour in, it hasn’t made a damn bit of real difference on the ground) but I understand if they wouldn’t want to – that is not something I can tell anyone in any case.

But it’s something I wanted to tell you, and now have.

I hope peace prevails. Of course, with morons out there – there was recently a couple in Yellowstone that got within touching distance of a damn bison for Christ’s sake, and when the bison charged, they complained, and the wife even wanted to put it down – I mean for fuck’s sake, it’s the guy that provoked the animal – hardly tame, and then complains.

With that sort of mentality running rampant in the world though, I doubt peace will prevail anytime soon.

The only thing YOU can do is to prepare yourself my friend.

The worst may never come, maybe it wont now, maybe it will, but physically, it’s always good to stay prepared.

And that, friend is that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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