Did I just “flare up someone’s dysphoria”?
- I gotta admit, I had to look the word up!

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From Google,

  1. a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life.
    “adolescents with depression, dysphoria, mania, and anxiety disorders”

Yes, that is a word I did not know, although I suspected it meant what it did, I figured I better be sure.

Gawd, people these days are nothing if not hypocrites and pansies ; period, and of course, the liberal left, rainbow sorts and all that are the worst by far.

Not to mention people find an excuse to get offended by everything and anything.

Molly coddle central, the world as a whole needs to grow the fuck up, and get tough – and stop whining – QUICK.

Unfortunately, the reverse is happening (as I wrote about, especially in the West – as I wrote about a few days ago in the Russia Ukraine emails).

Someone says something, even an off the cuff comments, and the uproar that ensues, holy smokes, you’d think he – or I – started WWIII.

Which of course I’m well accustomed to, hehe.

So is probably Donald Trump, and anyone who lives in the flow.

I made an off the cuff remark to someone today “who has transitioned fully” – I have no idea who the person is, but I saw “him” or “her” on Twitter, it pulled his/her post up.

Hehe. Along with a whole bunch of other “binary” people “it /them”nonsense – wtf is that all about anyway?? Anyone got a clue??

The person had a thick shadow along the upper lip, clearly a guy dressed as a woman, but hey, to me, to each his down.

““Get rid of the upper lip shadow, hehe, can sometimes be a dead giveaway!”

Was what I posted, moved on.

Nah, I didnt mean it either in a funny or derogatory manner.

To me, if “she” wants to be a woman that bad, well, hey, look the part at least!

I dont know, not that I’m much of a one for ladyboys or katois as they call them in Thailand, but those that have been there will attest to the fact you gotta be careful who you hook up with after a few drinks. LOL. Never know what you might find “swanging” down there, so “lady like” do those “boys” look!

But thats all I posted, moved on with my business…

A few hours and a nap later, of course, the Inbox was full of nasty messages, and publicly too.

“Unnecessary and rude comment”

“Dont ever EVER make a comment like this ever again. If you give critiques like this to someone who didnt ask for it, you could flare up someone’s dysphoria”. 

(she didnt emphasize the second ever, but the way she said it she might well have!)

Geez, guys – or gals – in betweens…

Whatever happened to good ole fashioned convo?

Instead, everything is a battleground in terms of being “offended” and “hurting sensibilities”, and “gee, that made me SOOOO depressed, and so forth”.

Whatever happened to straight talk?

Ah but wait, thats been on the decline for years now, it’s only a few like me that keep the old spirit going. Hehe.

Hey, fellas – ladies – in between’s, or whatever you identify as  –

FWIW, the comment was not meant in jest – nor was it a critique – nor was it meant to offend, and neither do I think innoccous comments like that should offend.

Kinda like when I once posted something about “I dont want to be forced to learn Chinese even though I’m in China” (i.e. beyond what I need, or what is needed for daily life, simple communication etc) …

… and I brought up the example of how in the US you can pretty much walk up to anyone anywhere and say you dont speak English, and no-one would or can say a word – at least openly, lest they offend someone.

Of course, I was called racist for it.

I still remember one dude pointing out how I was being called racist for simply saying I did not want to learn CHinese, while those saying “all you horrible Americans!” were not. Hehe. Goose and gander.

Same thing here.

The whole thing smacks of pure hypocrisy to me, no goose and gander.

I really think its people that are not comfortable in their own skin as yet – which hey, given the trans issue I understand.

But really, if you want to be a woman that bad, at least be “woman enough” to accept female oriented criticism?

Im yet to see a woman, and Ive been with tons NOT want me to point out upper lip hair and other things like that, most real women unless they’re “proud of their body hair” as many in China are would be more than happy for well meaning people to “point that out”. (not that they’d show it off in the first place).

Given this is “trans”, or “rainbow”, or whatever, God knows.

Maybe Glyn would know.

Come to think of it, he’s probably pally with “her”. lol.

Anyway, I’ve no doubt the uproar will cause sales to shoot through the roof. It did, specially for Gorilla Grip for some reason in the case linked above. Hehe.

Never fails.

I’m out.

The world in general could and would do well to grow the F up.

Dysphoria my ass, they got the “adoloscent” part down right!


Rahul Mookerjee

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