My utterly absolutely EXHAUSTED workout routine today.
- More lessons.

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Well, first off, with all the thick grips I just did – if I have more Tai Pos than usual, do forgive me – or not. Hehe.

But really, the brain fog plus EXHAUSTION this afternoon when I was going to work out in near 50 degrees (Celsius) temperatures (which by itself is nothing new for me, of course) – was a lot.

Despite my pledge not to miss a SINGLE day of working out – despite what I tell YOU about it, I almost missed my workout today.

Except, I didnt.

But even after doing sets of warm up squats, isometrics – I really thought I was going to miss the boat today – which honestly wouldn’t be a big deal given all I’ve been doing OTHER than working out – endless hours of setting up a new company fully for one.

No excuses though, friend.

As I did sets of 25 squats, various sorts SLOWLY – I kept thinking to myself.

“Rahul, you can do these like 10x the speed!”

I can. I tried today, but couldn’t.

No matter what, the speed would not come.

So I did ’em slowly.

Got to 70.

Did slow, deliberate isometric stretches for the legs and thighs – a ton of them. Each of them made me feel on cloud Nine, progressively b etter than the former rep, and they made me SWEAT buckets too.

Yes, simply the isometric made me sweat! (and one of them isn’t even in the book as yet). (two, actually. Maybe Volume Three will have ’em!).

Then, pull-ups.

Despite the nasty elbow injury I picked up a while back, I was amazed to see m y pull-ups improved dramatically.

Which isn’t a big deal you might think coming from the pull-up stud, but really, I don’t do a 150 pull-ups daily any more, so anything beyond 70 (pull-up wise) is HUGE for me – if I do certain “styles” of pull-ups that is.

(I’m working squats and isometrics and handstand heavily, so I dont double down on the pullups like I used to in the past, but I will again soon).

Figured I’d give the handstands a break – for now.

I’ll probably hit ’em later.

I’m at a 170 squats too – perhap snot the quickest, but form is impeccable, and I’m feelin GREAT NOW.

The main highlight of my workout was the thick grip work, of course, really SQUEEZING those blue thick gripz I have until I can barely make a fist “no mo”.

I didnt mix them with fingertip pushups, but I did a close equivalent.

Along with various splits – I’m done – for now.

Buzzing nicely.

Brain fog?



None of it is there NOW.

Key here, friend, and I know many of you feel the same way, especially a lot of you that are stressed out about other things as well – and those that workout hard and heavy daily- again – do something.


Start slow if you must.

Heck, keep going slow if you must, but DO IT!

The key is to KEEP GOING no matter what.

Persistence, and plodding through the battlefield – either literal or figurative is what ultimately wins the day.

While I am not going to give you a history lesson on this one, it’s TRUE.

So the next time you feel like “going easy” on yourself, maybe you might – in a certain manner.

You do NOT however “do nothing”.

THAT is key.

I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Apparently my little girl lives in “A 296” Space Capsule (I designed the capsule, well, in part at least. Hehe. More on that later)!

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