What guys just dont get about neediness and the like…
- The more you run after something...

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The more you run after something, the more it runs AWAY from you.

An old saying, now, if you run after it RIGHT – it will chase YOU. Hehe.

But most dont do it right.

What do I mean – well, I’ve explained it galore, attracting what you want into your life and so forth, Zero to Hero is themed on that …

(thats the central theme, anyway – along with the very practical , required and doable results producing TIPS in the book) …

Take, for example how most guys approach women for one.

They take the “groveling” to an extreme ie “what can I do for you” , or “what would you like” or “where can I tak eyou out” – or (Glyn) “Ma’am, what can I buy for you” or other such cringeworthy NEEDY BS.

And it’s only gotten worse these days.

A lot was made about how “unromantic” Jeff Bezos’s texts were to Lauren Sanchez, some even deemed it needy.


They werent needy!

If you read the words, they have a certain vibe coming off them – he was doing it right.

But back to it – a girl recently posted this on Twitter –

(and she ain’t even halfway gorgeous)

Drop a message for someone, don’t tag just say????

Of course, the cucks, white knights, sob story artists and “I’ll lend you a shoulder to cry on” idiots (idiota in Spanish, hehe) jumped on board.

Take for example this reply from a Bozo –

Maybe, one day you’ll realise and come back running to the same station I’m waiting in. But then I wish, I’m wrong & you’re having a great life while the trains keep passing by.


To say that reply was cringeworthy, and smacks of being a cuck though he never said it – is putting it lightly.

Fuck, I’d rather someone comes out, grins and tells a girl hey, cuckold me – I like it!

At least that is SOMEWHAT assertive!

And the vast majority, if not all of these guys are usually the ones the girls dump at the first opportunity – the stereotypical husband whose “asked when there is a need”, while the flirting, loving etc goes on with someone else ‘fancy of the day’ as it were.

Might sound cliched, but it’s true. Women are hardly the saints most guys wish them to be, hehe, and are actually LESS romantic in many ways than guys are – for women, it’s usually always practical romance, and NEEDINESS, well, anyone can smell that from a mile away, pally.

Lots have asked why “in this market” (or other BS) I tell people openly to leave my list if they want to, why I refuse to lower my prices, why I call nimrods like Keith JAmes out for the Bozos they really are, and so forth, why I could give a rip less (indeed, I’m doubling down on it) about offending people, why I talk so casually about the so called HOT issues …

Well, one, I could truly care less – if I did, but said I could care less, you’d feel it. Trust me. Hehe. These things can be felt.

Two, neediness is probably right up there “numero uno” in terms of things I detest in people, both girls and guys.

So sayeth the man “who sits at home and never emerges from the cave” that has counted, if he cares, well over 300 and counting (not that I give a rip about notches on the bedpost, to be honest).

What women really want – I’ve said this before – a BAD BOY.

Except, you can’t just blast off about all your wierd sexual fetishes upfront like Bozo Schofield does, that gets you blocked, and never unblocked. Hehe.

Do it right, she might ignore you, but she’ll keep coming back. Hehe.

Not like I dont send Sophia lots of messages, for one. When I ask her why she replies when she’s not “trying to ignore me” … ?

“Dunno, if I dont, you’ll start drinking your beer again, get pissed off or something!”

This from a woman who routinely claims “I dont care about you”.


On the other hand, she loves to “know everything about me”.

Trust me, when she’s at the point where she cares that “you’ll start drinking and forget her, in a bad mood or what not”, you’ve got her.

I didnt by “being nice”, or handing her flowers, or proposing on a knee or any of that crap I’ve never done in my entire life, and dont plan to ever. (not unless its fun at least, hehe).

I didnt spend all my money on her, and the little I did, she insisted on returning though I did NOT want it back.

I was the last thing from romantic with her. (except very occasionally).

And so forth. (believe it or not, I even told her “its never about me”. Hehe. THe words, at least!)

I had a married lady in the latter half of 2019 run after me to the point (when all I really did was show her how to do pull-ups at the park, and then teach her how to “callus” over the bleeding calluses she almost instantly got) that I almost went insane avoiding her.

True, I asked her for a massage, but thats it.

From “we need to go to a hospital so we can have babies together (apparently to check for STDS for the big bad boy, hehe” to like a bazillion wechat’s a day – to literally even stalking me on the mountain daily – WAITING and counting – not shitting you – each time I climbed – to the point where other girls told “you can fuck her for free, you lucky you!” – and to the point where literally I was considering blocking her, and getting other girls into the game i.e. “he likes me” and so forth …

She went BONKERS.


She still is to an extent.

did she get the guy – you be the guesser there. Hehe.

Anyway – for me?

Like I just replied to Gorilla Girl who asked me about “why I didnt talk to her” while she of course ignored everything I wrote … (while on the “trying to ignore me” mode)…

“well, because you dont want to talk to me”.

She’s good (well, I’ve trained her to be!) about not making excuses.

(not that she doesnt want to “you’re the only one that really wants to talk to me”, she tells me, but occasionally she puts me through the so called wringer of ignore, busy etc. Hehe. Which I never mind!)

(always funny to see how the other side breaks FIRST. Women hate being ignored, period. LOL).

Most would prattle on about “being so busy” , “not wanting to”, “bad mood” and other BS – truth be told, it’s getting more and more common these days, people as I’ve been saying have nothing much going on in their lives, so of course, they gotta look busier than ever (try offering them a red packet on wechat, see how quickly they awaken, hehe).

REally, if someone wants to do something, if they want to talk to you, buy from you, they’ll find a way to do it regardless. Bottom line!

Sad most people dont get it.

Neediness, ugh.  I can’t stand guys that do that unfortunately it’s the vast majority, and by extension, enabling the very Nazi feminism I hate so much.  (and business wise too, you can be needy all you want, it ain’t gonna do jack – opposite results from what you want most likely. You can smell the BS a mile away, most people can, trust me).

Focus on yourself, your own life, your fitness, your biz, guys … ah, but I forget – that would require you to be a real man, eh.

anyway, where am I going with this?

I dont know, neediness doesnt work fitness wise either, if you’re always on about “I can’t see results TODAY!” – you likely never will.

It’s the slow grind that does it.

Much like a meme I saw about money “if you want me, you can have me!” (but the hidden insinuation was “you gotta work for it intelligently” – much like Napoleon Hill said about attracting riches being similar to attracting dames (Think and Grow Rich))- you CAN get in the best shape of your life.

Not by being needy tho.

Anyway, I could rant forever on this one.

But I wont. Hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re tired of the Nazi fem BS out there, you ain’t alone, if you’re wondering “if they’re all like that”, if it will ever go away, if “it’s getting worse”, well, you’re not necessarily wrong in any of that.

But if you’re like most men out there, and want an OUT, and yet are balking at getting the “how to” on it from someone who is clearly qualified x 100 and then some to talk about it and teach YOU – well, you’re a fool, plain and simple, my friend.

Jump on this course NOW. Really, I dont see why you wouldn’t!

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