Earning my doughnuts, and then some…
- or nut, hehe.

I remember the great Brooks Kubik years ago writing about a certain Rahul Mookerjees hill climb

Towards the end of the email he sent out to his list on me, he was going to mention the nightly pizza and beer I used to partake of. Hehe.

But I think he might have typed that out, then deleted it.

Lawyers are far smarter than us “gut folks” in many ways, hehe.

“he then sits down to a good dinner. And he should. He’s earned it!”


Earn it I did – but he DID mention the part about green tea, non stop bodyweight workouts after the hill, and so forth …

But anyway, I’ve often spoken of my admiration for people who have “done it themselves” in terms of life, business, any endavor, by struggling when the entire world – family and “friends” included were against them – and conversely, I’ve made no secret of my contempt for those (like Elon Musk for one) who were handed it all on a silver platter (admittedly Musk created Tesla, but I’d rather Jeff Bezos ANYDAY over either Musk or Gates, for reasons I’ve mentioned before).

My friend Ricky – or former friend now, I believe – pooh poohes this.

“So what! Everyone has someone’s hand on their shoulder!”

Was his riposte when I mentioned all his businesses were literally “given” to him in one way or the other. Sure, he grinds it out there, so I’m not taking away from the hours he puts in, but he didnt start them – and the FOUNDER is who I’m always most interested in, as that person is the REAL DOER.

And visionary.

I realize folks might not agree, but its “cent percent”, hehe – 100% proof plus true.

Anyway ……. old British expressions aside.

I like to earn my dinner – or food – or drinks – the same way I earned the right to prattle on about and sell you my books remorselessly – by being in the trenches first.

By DOING first.

And today, as I saw some “MOM” doughnuts for Mother’s day apparently, my first thought was UGH.

These weren’t even plain ole doughnuts, they were super unhealthy with chocolate (not even the real sort) and other toppings etc on them.

And I’m not a huge fan of doughnuts anyway, I label them as lard food. Period.

But I tolerate the truly fresh ones.

But since I gave up coffee all those years ago (Brooks knows when, hehe) and since the last coffee grounds left in the house, well, the wife puts it on her hair or something – doughnuts went the same way, but sometimes I’ll eat stuff when I’m offered it even though I dont like it.

Like Vincent once said “if he offers it, you have to have it!”

Often true. Hehe.

And so I was going to work out later.

but seeing the dough nut?

Well, I was off to do squats.

Gotta earn it FIRST!

And that, my friend is the lesson for the day, or email – see if you can spot it.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee