The end of a “We Shat” era…
- ...and then some. Hehe.

I remember Charles, a former friend of mine once commenting on “the end of an era huh” when I was (very famously, as this is something I do NOT do) going to get a haircut in 2020.

“Is that the guy whose going to cut your hair”, he asked. “End of an era huh”.

Lol. End of a 1.5 year “era” that one was, of course, 2.5 years later, that era seems to be back in full swing. With me, some things never quite go away!

I’ve been reading an interesting book – or “rereading” an interesting book “The Alchemist” which was given to me once by a former employer – and I re-read some passages of it last night, specifically, the part that stood out to me was the boy trying to find his treasure, but not wanting to leave the woman he loved.

While in two minds, the alchemist told him not to dither, or miss the woman because “although she was a woman of the desert, she knew men have to leave (first) in order to return”.

And, if “love” stops you from fulfiling your life’s destiny, he went on, it isn’t true love.

True love will never stop you from fulfiling your life’s destiny, or, perhaps most pertinently, not WANT to. Hehe.

How true – those words will fly over most peoples heads, but they make such perfect sense to me!

Anyway ……..

I got the message this afternoon.

“This wechat account has been confirmed to be in non compliance and has now been blocked”.


Of course when I did what they said to unblock it, which the last time this happened was a simple “self unblock” procedure – the page never loaded (some sort of a page to raise a ticket I believe).

I emailed WeShat.

I doubt they’ll get back, but I’ve been having the odd feeling of some of my stuff on there being “monitored” if you get my drift – more so than normal.

Often times, when people dont get back to me, and I’ve had this feeling for a while – Iw onder – are they too SCARED to – or is WeShat actively stopping messages from going through?

Charles, the former friend who pooh poohes gut feeling, and famously pooh poohed my statement of “someone’s BEEN in my home” (I was away for a month, and when I returned, I just had that feeling!) with his “paranoia kicking in” statement would probably say I am being paranoid.

No I ain’t either Charles, I can feel these things, like I could back in 2019, some things were just “too perfect”.

I felt it in the air the minute I walked back in!

And this time, for months now I’ve been getting the feeling WeShat has been looking for an excuse to scapegoat me and get me off there.

I’ve never given them a reason.

Until now, apparently, of course, that reason is as useless and invalid as tits on a bull.

Basically what happened was some woman (as usual) added me out of the blue, pestered me for money, acted like I owed her something for being female – and a “ho” (basically one of those live cam girls) and when I reverse trolled her like I do Glyn (x 100 magnum) she of course threw a hissy and reported me.

I reported her back, no dice.

Apparently WeShat is more interested in letting Chinese scammers and prostitutes thrive on their platform than genuine users, and if you’re a foreigner apparently these days you just keep your trap shut or else.

I’ve never been that way .Never will be!

And now, with the WeShat ban, and the fact I refuse to use FB – and the LinkedIn permanent ban last year – and … uh, lets see, it’s only Twitter and IG really that are left.

I’ve been knocked off Twitter twice, but both times erronesouly, to their credit, the account was always restored almost instantly.

Maybe it’s a good thing, I don tknow.

WeShat was essentially useless for me for over a year now business wise and personally both, it’s turned into Spam Central basically, business wise, pointless, people are only interested in seeing idiotic images on there.

Yeah, Yeah, yeah, the China Tom Tom’s will point out the billions of RMB’s being exchanged on there daily.

Fair enough, now bring in the competition – see what happens to WeShat.

I’d go with Alipay ANYDAY.

I’ve always felt Alipay is far more sensible than WeShat, right down (or up) to Jack Ma – a man for the ages, I’ve felt (no wonder the CCP recently censored Alibaba as well) – with far more rational and reasonable rules.

And bring in Google, Whatsapp, FB, and other payment modes – Apple Pay etc, all of which stand BLOCKED in China – WeShat wouldn’t stand a flying chance in tarnation.

Alipay damn sure would though.

To be fair, it’s going to be a bitch if this ban is permanent in terms of paying the few Chinese I still do.

I’ll figure it out.

But maybe it’s a good thing.

End of a true era, I’ve had that account since 2013, I’ve had many a good time, fight, spar on there – and of course the girls. Hehe.

As of late tho, especially this year, it was not serving it’s purpose any longer, I still have my groups on there of course. Be interesting to see what happens to them.

Anyway ……..

End of an era there too, I feel, I might be wrong, but I doubt it.

let’s see.

and that, my friend, is another reason I keep telling people to have BACKUPS – and switch over to your OWN media – for instance, email where no-one except you can ban or censor you …

True, gmail could kick me off tomorrow too, but the chances of that happening are slim and next to none to be frank.

Anyway …

Thats the tale for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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