The exercise that finally cured my elbow “tendonitis”
- Touchwood, but ... !

And it’s been going on for a while, as you guys on the list know – and while I made light of it, the fact is (that while I worked out with it) – it was extremely painful in some positions.

NO pun intended again, the Gorilla Grip guy could barely shake hands with his unnatural grip in certain positions when it was at its height! (to be honest, though I’ve been doign pull-ups daily, even making a tight fist isometrically was painful as heck).

Or, lift up a light mattress which I could normally do with my pinky (literally).

Today when I woke up – pain – all GONE.

When I did pull-ups – yes, the area was sore, but PAIN?

Mostly all gone – when I shook hands, its back to the crushing grip (which had never gone away, but the elbow area was painful as heck initially).

Now, what exercise did I do to completely cure this?

Something which helped – well, I wrote about it here.

And that helped immensely, but something I’ve been doing for the past week – really focusing on – is this.

Slow and steady – real slow, real steady reps of FINGERTIP pushups – on HARD cement, the very opposite as usual of what most would have told me to do.

All the way down, all the way up, painful as hell with that elbow, but as I did them over the past few days, the pain started to GO away.

Now, I was always doing fingertip pushups.

But over the last few days, THESE – and the diamond pushups – and one arm pushups – are all I’ve been doing.

Really focusing on fingertips though.

And on hard cement!

One arm pushups likely did zilch all for the elbow pain, but the diamond pushup really got blood flowing there – without stressing the area – while regular fingertip pushups – well, did the opposite.


Of course, I did pull-ups immediately after and before that – both wide and narrow grip.

And I did squats before and after that, I believe I’m already at 320 for the day, maybe 325 give or take.

Tough, tough workouts – which took nary any time at all it seemed…

And my elbow pain – which like the nasty thumb injury I had in 2018, most would said ice it, rest it, dont strain it more, etc etc.

Yet, I did.

And its worked wonders – again.

Same thing for the bridge – and back pain.

Same thing for reverse pushups – and shoulder pain – or inflexible shoulders – or NOT feeling good.

Same thing for the exercises in Corrugated Core.

Same thing for everything I teach!

And if I had to find more reasons for why (although I shouldn’t have to) YOU should follow the Stella Artois of bodyweight fitness, and DO what he says fitness wise without question, there’s another one.



Rahul Mookerjee

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PS #2 – Those of you interested in vascular arms, well, the combo above will do that, and then some, genetics or not!

PPS #1 – Those of you that have been closely reading, well, you know I spoke about self massage for the elbow too. Sure, that helped. 0 Excuses Fitness has an entire chapter dedicated to massage for just that reason, it’s damn useful, but what really cured it was not massage, not rest, not water, not green tea, not anything – BUT – good old fashioned hard work and gritting it through the pain to get STRONGER.


Nothing beats that.