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- An area EVERYONE wants to build!

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Along with forearms, calves – legs – big beefy traps are another dead giveaway of real strength and power – and if the neck is proportionately well developed too – HEALTH too.

And today, as I sit here nursing sore traps – well, they’re sore in a good way – and remembering the days where I’d bridge endlessly – I’ll talk about both – all – and then some in between!

I’ve just written three emails and done a lot of tweets etc for the other business.

All “random” thoughts (seems to be the theme of the day).

But whats not random is this -when I think traps, it’s impossible not to think about Marc the African Silverback Gorilla – he loved training traps!

And he’d constantly talk about weighted shrugs being the BEST exercise for them.

admittedly they’re not that bad.

And he’d really go hard at them.

But a lot of the beef you pack on from weighted shrugs work only when you’re shrugging in that position.

It might look impressive, but think about it – Marc, an otherwise strong dude on the weights, couldn’t barely hang on to the chinning bar – let alone do a pull-up.

So if it was just strength – he should have at least hung on to the bar?

Yes, he was poorly conditioned. He admits that himself, so ok, lets cut him slack there in terms of not doing the pull-up, or not being able to do ’em – much like Matt Furey, another guy who I greatly admire, but call out all the time (spade’s a spade, Matt would agree, I’m sure!) for never really having put anything out on himself doing pull-ups, despite writing a course on it (and again, matt is a legend, dont get me wrong!) – pull-ups really, really, expose lack of conditioning and FAT around the midsection like NOTHING else will – I repeat NOTHING Else.

And if you can get “halfway up” but not more, or till the bar and not OVER it, well, your traps aren’t up to the mark regardless of how beefy they are pally – PERIOD.

Again, back to traps – and how most guys love to work them with weights.

You might not believe it, but I’m not entirely against weighted shrugs – they’re not that bad if done right, great as a finisher (ask Mike Tyson for one. Hehe).

But they dont develop the NECK area anywhere near as well as bridging does, or at all, neither do they emphasize DEEP breathing which really builds the muscles of the neck and upper chest “from the inside out” like nothing else can or will.

Bridging does.

Squats do (even weighted squats, but I’m not in favor of those at all, yall know this!) …

And most of all, strength and power and the look?

You might pack on beef with them, yes, but what good the beef if you can’t do a single pull-up, or lift heavy unwiedly weights, or carry “Grandma” or a fat wife, hehe – up the stairs with those traps?

I wont even explain the Granny part, the pajamas she wears these days. Ugh! Lol.

Pull-ups, my friend on the other hand – find me a man who can do even two good pull-ups in a row, and I’ll show you someone whose got, as my friend from the Marines spoke about me …

“He’s thick, but you’re BROAD!” 

Look at Jason Bourne doing them in the Bourne series.

(in real life, a guy that could do ZERO – and he went to 31 in a row, pretty goddamn impressive that).

He did a lot of hill running too. Fancy, that hill I keep talkin about eh. HA!

But anyway pull-ups build strength – and CORE strength too, which weighted shrugs won’t like NOTHING else.

Farmer’s walks are a great alternative for building the grip and core up if you’re not able to do proper pull-ups, but nothing compares to pull-ups – and as far as the look is concerned, well, you may not have the beef, but nine times out of 10, you’ll have a back just as broad, and far more visually appealing, at least to the opposite gender (and this is targeted at men, not Sissy Schofield types, for them, only God(dess) knows what “gender” means!).

(Thats why farmer’s walks are there in Gorilla Grip).

ITs fluid, they whine, while leaking their own fluids all the time.


But its true – look at what is happening these days, not just in the US, but the West in general where VALUES – real life stuff is being ignored in favor of promoting tranny (sorry, transgener,hehe) sports competitions (isnt it odd?These dudes want to be women – and they end up disempowering the very real women they compete against for obvious reasons!).

No common sense, or goose and gander.

Btw, I normally link a lot of stuff in my posts, but I’m too damn lazy to do it today. Google’s your friend, I’ve written about ALL this a lot of times before.

If there was ONE exercise I’d recommend for traps, or an exercise combo, it is what I talk about so often in Pull-ups from STUD to Super STUD within WEEKS!

Pull-ups, and pushups – especially fingertip pushups (and Pushup Central has all you need to know about pushups – if you haven’t got the course yet, well get it NOW). (pushups are a must do, period).

Getting that last bit of your mass over the chinning bar and holding there for time will do MORE for your traps than anything else will ,period (and your grip and core).

Then we get to muscle up level – slowly.

yes, charles, the book on that WILL be out, still on my mind, I’m working on Advanced Plyometrics for you and a few others right now though. Hehe.

But anyway, thats what I wanted to say.

And I’ve said it now.

Take from it what you will – oh, and I left our BRIDGING and reverse pushups in the combo above, DO add them in for extra trap and overall body work, especially the latter.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And just for the clowns who whine about self promotion “he only sells to us!” – well, two things.

One, yes, I will continue selling, and hard – to you.

And two, no, it aint only about selling, the DOERS know that.

Here is a doer from Idaho – Benjamin, a guy that train hard and knows what it’s all about.

Here is his website – some pretty good writing there for those of y’all interested –

Yes, he’s an affiliate, but that ain’t why I’m sending you there – he promotes OTHER stuff too, so take your pick i.e other fitness products being promoted there too, not just mine.

But I’m just sending you there cuz … well, the guy deserves it, if just for the great affiliate application he sent in – my bad on completely missing it last year, Ben! – and because he seems to be a hard worker, and because – well – when I speak to him – I get a feeling of DOER! – not a “whiner” like THIS asshole I once dealt with …

(Feetus Fotis or whatever his name is, true Glyn Schofield wannabe JACKASS!)


He asked me to share his site with y’all “if I didnt mind” but that was after I had already sent out the email for the day, so here it is now.

Does a pretty good “unsupported handstand” too, for those of y’all interested in that – “Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands” is the bridge between the (as yet unwritten) course on that i.e level #4 in the handstand progression and Shoulders like Boulders! – and Battletank Shoulders!

Does pretty good lumberjack swings too!

(he could do better on the squats tho for sure. Definitely. Hehe).


And of course dont forget to buy some of the products in the sidebar. Hehe.

PS #2 – Some of you other affiliates have been wanting Kiddie Fitness to be sold as an affiliate product too – well, here you go Kathy (and the rest of y’all too, hehe). It should be there in your affiliate center NOW.

(hey, I thought I was being lazy in terms of links. apparently not. Sales! YES! LOL).

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