People are literally BEGGING for business!
- and if this is a sign of the times to come, well... !

Man – people … !

Panic Central has well and truly struck, and it keeps getting worse with every passing year.

Just look at the stock markets and everything else in general if you dont believe me, extreme volatility and so forth –

But more than any other year, I remember what my Uncle once told me – well, one of them who (at least at the time) was a professor in Texas.

“People are begging to clean my office”, he proudly trumpeted (students apparently too) – to me, when I wasn’t interesting in working some silly job.

Apparently the end of the world was nigh (remember the 2008 crash)?

I remember thinking, so what about that crash.

In 2010, I started to forsee what was to come, and I’ve been writing about it ever since…

And funny part, it didnt have to be this way.

Mens thoughts, as Claude Bristol rightly wrote lead them to ruin and despair, or “El Dorado” (thats the gist of it).

I am constantly AMAZED at the level people are stooping to.

People – businesses that wouldn’t give anyone the time of the day are literally following me – chasing me – on the other biz to “retweet and promote them”.

Any time you pay money for something these days – you get terrible service, yes – but if you know how to handle yourself, the REVERSE occurs.

Most dont.

The panic – and baby, it’s just beginning.

I’m saying it again, its just the beginning.

Wait until DEFLATION kicks in.

Of course, President Biden’s lunacy isn’t helping things any either …

I mean, forgive student debt, rack up national debt even more (when it’s already dangerously high – what if China stops buying Treasury bonds tomorrow, which it well might?) – continue to keep gas (and therefore everything, at least in America where it’s all transported by truck mostly) prices high – when the US has more than enough gas, and other natural resources for the next 50 years (ok, Russia has more, but still!) – slap on sanctions to Russia daily, which end up doing what – well, just look at where the Ruble is now – higher than before the “invasion!”

Politicians have short memories, eh. They know people in general do.

While Sleepy Joe probably doesnt remember a thing about it, it wasn’t that long ago – 2014 when the US Congress actually recognized a fact for what it was – the neo Nazis in Ukraine no-one likes to talk about.

True, that doesn’t justify the war – but – well, my thoughts on the war have been well documented here (sorry if you dont like my views on that, but they’re true, you’re welcome to unsubscribe if those views “offend” you – seem even breathing is offensive these days, because it turns so many people on … ah, but but I best not go there. Hehe).

Fact of the matter is, provoking the worlds second strongest military wasn’t exactly smart.

Fact is, despite what the liberal media would have you believe, Russia hasnt even BEGUN to use more than 10% of its REAL might – real weapons. All those losses you see are crap Soviet era weapons that won’t matter a damn in a real fight against a superpower…

End of the day, its Ukraine’s economy which has been devastated, the Eastern half of the country gone – despite what the Tom Tom’s claim about Russia losing.

Say what you like about Putin, but he’s a real man, I dont blame him. India should have done something similar with China in 2020 and before that, unfortunately, they rolled over and got their territory taken.

Its a dog eat dog world bro, simple as that, always has been.

Technology doesnt mask how human beings are and act and think.

And as Charles Mitchell once rightly said

There has never been a better time for the type of training you promote in this crazy world! No need for a gym, your own bodyweight is all you need!

True dat Sir. From an ex man in Blue – high words of praise.

I’ll never forger what he said about Pushup Central either – thanks Charles!

(and if I wasn’t so goddamn busy with the new business, and so many other opportunities cropping up – remember what I said about war, bad economies etc – there are MORE opportunities if you know where and how to look – I’d have Advanced Plyometrics out by now. Gotta take the pics for it..)

But this isn’t about that.

People are just so desperate, I laugh, and then run like a cheetah – in the opposite direction.

I mean, it’s insane – and people who outwardly have FAR more going for them than they’d have you believe.

As for me personally, I’m doing just great.

I might not be Heff – Jeff Bezos as yet, Charles.

But I might be getting there.

Truth be told I wouldn’t care about the money.

Neither did Jeff.

Passion is what builds things, passion is what makes you tick – what makes the world MOVE.

A certain “Ben” reading this might agree! (if he reads it!).

And that, my friend, is that.

Smart people though, can BENEFIT in this economy, regardless what they tell you about inflation and crap – your money can go FURTHER now if you know how to make it go further. Most dont.

And you CAN do better than before – if you dont buy into the panic.

Most wont believe me.

Which is fine.

Lets stick to what you have no choice BUT to believe, hehe, that being, yours truly is – and there is PROOF – truly the “stella Artois” of bodyweight fitness culture.

No if’s and buts there, eh.

Nah. I didnt think so.

Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System today, and start DOING (and if you think it’s too expensive, well, tough shit. No price lowering, pally. In fact the price might go up by a few smackers next month, so hurry – get your thang on while you CAN).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- It’s about ATTRACTION on auto pilot, something I talk about VERY OFTEN both here and on other businesses. And the initial part of Zero to Hero! tells you ALL you need to know in that regard, tho of course, you could always read the whole book and benefit more!

But those first few lines, much like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich have the “secret”. Like Hill said if you can spot it. It wouldn’t matter if I told you, because you would not be able to use it until you FOUND OUT FOR YOURSELF!

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