The Bozo Schofield way of relieving neck pain.
- Ewwww....

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Swallow your saliva and relieve your neck pain, was the statement he used.

Not the Bozo, but a certain “Master” claiming to be from China.

He might well be from China, and I ain’t gonna dignify the video by putting it here, though truth be told, even (if you watch the video) he would probably admit it’s mostly marketing, that title. Hey, it got me to click through!

But it also got me as a thinking person to say “dumbass”.


Though the dude probably isn’t a dumbass in reality …

But anyway – the video’s premise is that “saliva has so many wonderful natural properties” – which I agree with 100% – and then it shows you several stills of “how to purse your lips ” and properly swallow your saliva.

I swear, if a certain Glyn Schofield in Brum we ALL know by now is free from swallowing and wallowing in the other bodily “releases, fluids and excretion” the Bozo so loves – and begs for, apparently, from what Josie and others screenshot and send me (Glyn, I know your most recent caper too, hehe, but I’ll save that for later) (I’ve got eyes everywhere, my friend, the Big 5 “Eyes Tech” aint got nothing on me!)) – he’ll LOVE the video!

More than that, lazy asses globally (my wife would probably love it, oh, my neck pain goes away with just swallowing, oh, ancient mystical Indian and Chinese tantra mantra crap, yada, nada, schnada).

Again, dont get me wrong.

There is a lot to be learned from ancient Indian culture, and given the Chinese aped it and morphed it into a version of their own, theirs too.

If it’s REAL Indian culture – where contrary to what you might think, neither was the cow holy, nor was alcohol forbidden, and sex – well, they wrote the kamasutra there!

Anyway ……. Man. How things have changed, that CYCLE.

(and all this mystique “because it’s Chinese culture”, or “Oh, the Indians KNOW what they BE talking about” … I mean, just because it is  SUPPOSEDLY India or china dont mean doodley SQUAT, friend.

Farmer Burns in America had the same concepts down pat not so long ago – read “Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture” – 1914 course, I dont sell it, so no, I dont benefit from it – and you will SEE for yourself.)

That video – back to it – the EXERCISES they show in the video, gentle yoga stuff, dont hold a candle to what Rahul Mookerjee teaches you in the 0 Excuses Fitness system, specifically, for neck pain, bridging and reverse pushups. (and back pain in general).

And everything else too … It’s one of the best exercises you can do, period. I wouldn’t say THE best as Matt Furey used to say, I’ll give squats and pull-ups that distinction, and pushups the “big dog” tag, but they’re damn good, everyone should be doing ’em – period.

Then you can swallow – or not.


Really, “lazy man’s fitness, or woman’s”.

I could make a fortune (Charles mitchell, if youre readin this, hehe) – by doing that.

But like Charles himself once told me.

“Never become a pussy trainer just so you can sell more books and make more money!”

I never will, Charles.

That ain’t real.

That ain’t me.

If there is one thing I am, it’s REAL …

About me, who I am, my passions, it’s all real, my lifes an open book …

Anyway, those exercises in the video are not bad from a stretching standpoint.

But again, compared to what I teach in Isometric and Flexibility Training – and Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training?

they dont hold half a candle to any of it!

If you dont have all the books above you’re missing out, thats all I can say.

And if you’re feeling a certain VIBE off my posts, well, another one of my self imposed impromptu FASTS. Been I believe .. 20 hours thus far since the last meal, I might have something in another 4, but we’ll see!

I feel GREAT!


Rahul Mookerjee

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