Ben Bergman has it SPOT ON.
- I knew the guy KNEW what he was talking about. hehe.

He has it spot on, my friend.

And even though I dont generally link to writing etc “without any of my own” – Ben’s latest post just struck a chord – for me.


Because what he says about PUSHUPS – well – I can totally and completely IDENTIFY!

This guy, and I’ve mentioned him before for a reason in these here emails – GETS IT.

Remember what I keep saying about “I can make 10 pushups way tougher than a 100” – or “1 way tougher than 10”?

Or even an isometric hold – I can make it WAY tougher than a lot of people’s workouts – done half heartedly, with not much focus or concentration, ogling the babes, listening to so called music and so forth?

especially blaring rock, rap, etc – there is a time and place for that, yes, perhaps, but while you train?

To me, and I’ve said this before – the type of music you listen to when you train is KEY.

I, of course, dont listen to music at all, and usually train in the dark, training my subconscious mind – not just my muscles and body – with every rep. All Iwant to hear when I’m training?

My own DEEP BREATHING – which if done right, you’ll be able to “feel it coming from within you, DEEP within you” … you’ll literally “feel your body at a different level altogether”.

the above might sound strange to those of you that have never done the thing seriously, but do it, and you’ll realize the truism of what I’m talking about.

Anyway, pushups – that one exercise, as I state in Pushup Central – a book MUCH loved by the DOERS (see the reviews for one) – an exercise that lends itself to even more idiotic “bragacidaodoooo” (what the spelling BE, lol) – I mean bragging – than any other exercise, including grunty kicking up in pull-ups (another huge UGH! If you’re fat and can’t pull yourself up, WORK ON LOSING WEIGHT, do NOT KICK and so called KIP!) …

And that most men, even those that bench 400 or 500 plus couldn’t do more than 20 of in a set without collapsing – the right way, that is.

Anyone can crank out pushups in a half hearted, lousy … ah, but wait.

Ben has it spot on.

He says exactly what I do – right down to the language. Ben – I dont know when you signed up for the list, but it’s been a while, I can see that.

Great stuff – go here to read it.

And then make sure to pick up the book!


Rahul Mookerjee