Once army, always ARMY!
- Like I keep saying about Mike Pompeo!

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A few things come to mind as I write this –

One, my friend from the Marines (now an ex Marine) saying this –

“A Brigadier is NO joke, Rahul!”

Indeed, he was – is – right.

Two, once army, always army.

Have you seen THIS piece about why Mike Pompeo is MY MAN – the under-spoken of WORKHORSE that I truly believe will surprise everyone, who are more focused on Trump, De Santis etc (both great contenders!) – and come “from behind” to take over the reins of the Presidency.

I’ve been wrong before, yes.

But never a lot!

And my gut tells me Mike will run, and WIN.

We’ll see how that pans out, but read that link above BEFORE reading this piece.

Today, I had the privelege of meeting the Brigadier again after a long, long time – and the first thing I noticed about him?

He was looking some what frail, and a “little” – very little – fat.

I asked him – he saw me from a distance, didnt wave until we both did – my sorta guy!

And I spoke to him after a long, long time .

“whatsup my friend!”

Long time no see, I went, and then I asked about those powerhouse shoulders I noticed in the first place!

The man had shoulders like massive boulders at the age of 70 at the time – literally.

He’s lost a lot of it now.

“I haven’t been working out due to covid etc” , he went. “And I’ve actually LOST a little weight”, he went.

And, it seems he’s not only LOST weight, but put on a tiny little bit of weight as well, but he still looks 10x better than most men 20 years younger, I’ll tell you that!

Anyway …

I commented on strength.

“I’m still plenty strong”, he laughed.

I’m sure he is – and as I gripped his hand – YES.

That grip is still there, REAL MAN’s GRIP, that training, that muscle memory is still very much there!

A man’s punch is the last to go, is often said in “Rocky Balboa” (the movie).

Might be true!

But the GRIP is closely related too – and this can be proven – any which way you like – real life being the BEST example.

Well, my friend, I thought I’d update you there.

Gotta tell you about my meeting with the ole Brigadier, hehe. Always a pleasure SIR!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – It was after feeling the grip that my QUIP – no pun intended – came through.

Once army, always army huh I went.

Always, was his response, I wouldn’t expect nothing less!!!!!!!!!


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