That nasty crick in the neck … !
- Woke up this morning, and ...

Last night, for whatever reason, while waiting on grocery delivery which seemed to take forever and a day / night to show up – I decided to bang out 50 pull-ups (after 250 squats, stretching and more yesterday afternoon I believe).

I did that.

No why’s, just did it, felt great.

Then of course we got into an argument later about some stupidity.

Then I went to sleep, woke up to rain – and presto, the minute I woke up – that nasty UGH – crick in the neck!

In the past I’d try and massage it, winkle out the creases in the neck (if that makes sense) – I’d move my neck in circles like people told me to do, or I’d just wait for it to go away within a day which it normally did.

However, these days?

And today?

It’s already at the time of writing this, 80% gone – and while I’ve been preoccupied with driving (baby) mice out of the house which seem to show up occasionally (not to mention a huge rat which once did too – UGH!)  – and while I haven’t really applied a lot of special isometrics (or devoted much time to them in this regard) as YET – yes ,already 80% gone.

The daughter gave me an idea to use my “isometrics” stick – yes, that “world famous” stick that I put in the second book in the “stick isometrics” section on the baby mouse, but I managed to talk her out of it – thankfully! Hehe.

I dont believe in taking lives – unless it’s something that is directly threatening me – or unless it’s something that spreads disease in the house, admittedly mice are that – and admittedly I’m NOT one of those “Jains” in India that believe even roaches shouldn’t be killed – but whenever possible, I just let these critters out in the “open”.

And if not, well, I do what I always do in China – PEST control!

I won’t even move into a new apartment in China – or anywhere – without it being thoroughly sprayed and such first.

They never want to do it, of course, but like I’ve told you guys before – no spray, no deal – simple (I mean, like Ive told this list before) – nothing I hate more than a house full of roaches and other bugs – UGH!

I’ll tolerate – and even love – lizards. Hehe. A certain “Princess” Joanie might too!

Spiders – for some reason I never kill those either. (unless they show up near the bedside or something – and unless its a black Widow which once showed up apparently according to my old ex in New York when I Was catching some much needed Z’s before work in the AM).

But everything else, anyway, where the fuck was I on all this. Hehe. I even left a section up there uncompleted, lets go back to it NOW …

… ah, yes, cricks in the neck that we ALL have.

So, OK – the first thing you might respond with

Bridging. Which is fine, of course, but sometimes the crick is so painful you just can’t bridge, period.

In this case, here is what you do –

You simply do isometrics SQUEEZES and pushes as hard as you can – in the opposite direction.

Let me explain. (and this isn’t in the book on isometrics, either one – maybe in Volume Three! Neck isometrics, as it were…)

Lets say the left side of your neck has a crick in it. Mine does.

You move slowly (your neck) in the direction it hurts.

Then you take your left hand and PUSH – as HARD as you can – statically – in the opposite direction – WHILE you push with your neck as hard as you can – in the direction you were before.

Thats it – simple!

It’s a good idea to repeat this on the other side, even if you dont have neck pain currently on that side.

After a few minutes, or even ONE minute of doing this – I did it right when I woke up – you will be amazed to see the pain disappear – or dissipate to a very large extent.

That, my friend, is just another example of the magic, healing power of isometrics – which I haven’t covered so much in the book from an injury standpoint.

Maybe I will in Volume #3, isometrics are HUGE in terms of recovering from injuries no matter how nasty because of the unique manner in which they strengthen tendons and ligaments for one, but also how they get the blood and other nutrients flowing to the parts of the body it’s most needed (ahem – pun not intended there, hehe).

But for now, if you wake up with a sore, stiff neck – or traps or crick somewhere (except “there”, hehe – sorry, I couldn’t resist, lol) – try this little trick – I guaran-damn-tee it will WORK.

And thats that. Back soon!

(By the way, those of you that want Isometrics – Volume Three – HOLLA! I’ll start working on it soon if there is enough demand. Neck isometrics will be there, as well as advanced isometrics movements that will AMAZE you – stuff you’ve not seen in either one of the other two books – so let me know NOW).


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Both books on isometrics in compilation format HERE.

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Much more to come…