On doing what I want – vs doing what I WANT.
- The two sound the same, eh.

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You might think I have one of my famous Tai Po’s in there or something – but no. That ain’t it.

Many times people quiz me – get annoyed over – call me an idiot over – and worse – my “life plan” of NO PLANS – except those bubbling away in the background (which are the real plans that drive everyone’s life anyway, except most dont GET IT).

In Think and Grow Rich, there are many stories – one of which is about an important businessman who used the secret of “sexual transmutation”, something I write about so often – very successfully indeed.

Most reading the story, which was limited to this – his attractive secretary was (according to his own admission) responsible for in many ways the IDEAS that led to his SUCCESS. And thats it.

Then there’s another tale about a man being paid handsomely .. to … get this.

Sit for ideas.

Right, big companies would pay him big bucks to sit in a dark room and come up with ideas for their business, which would drive huge profits for them.

Neither one of them (these men) claimed to be genuises. They weren’t either – not in the true and traditional sense of “he was born a genius”.

ANYONE – I repeat – ANYONE can be a “genius” if they KNOW how to harness the TRUE power of their minds.

And it’s not done by force.

Most people reading the above stories would say “wtf” and move on, to me – and back to me as I started out with – it rang so familiar the first day I read it, it rings so familiar to me NOW because thats how I live my whole life.

It might sound strange, but despite all I’ve done and continue to do (more than most do in several lifetimes, hehe) – in ALL regards – I never have a plan for anything except to “have a relaxed day”.

True, I have my routines, and the major part of that routine is as I’ve said so often, working in my DARK cave.

But I’m not working all the time, again, not in the traditional sense.

Often times I’ll be sprawled on a bed, eyes closed, seemingly doing nothing, often times, I’ll be sipping warm tea and staring into space – seemingly.

“Ideas come from space!” Edison once so famously said.

And they do.

This don’t mean I don’t “do the thing” or that I am lazy and do what I “want”.

It doesnt mean I have NO structure to the day (for example, workouts MUST be there in the day).

What it does mean is this – I do what I want in terms of what my mind “wants” i.e. “comes to mind”.

And in general, usually – most of what comes to mind is far better than if I had an organized, written out plan – like most people do “all of this for the day, strict routine!” – NO deviations! – like most people believe it should be like.

Now, the part of sexual transmutation – abstinence plays into it, if you can believe that!

I’m not going to get into much of that here except I have used the SAME damn principles subconsciously – and so have boxers and wrestlers over the ages my friend.

It’s about not just conserving your power, but TRANSMUTING it…

Feeling, my friend, plays a huge part and role in everything we do.

When you FEEL good, you ATTRACT good – its that simple.

The reverse holds true too.

And one of the keys to feeling good, great, and even improving sexual “capacity”, stamina, whatever – and even your MENTAL prowress (believe me, last night I didnt even just dream of the day ahead accurately, I thought about it BEFORE sleeping – consciously – and events, some horrific that I wouldn’t even want to happen – happened in some parts of the world the next day i.e. today).

You might think thats a bunch of BS.

Like Clement, my friend once told me when I accurately predicted “where he was the night before”.

“Sauna”, I laughed at him (euphemism in China for “hanky panky”).

He looked surprised initially, then shocked.

“How did you know!”

Oh, from your face, I said, smiling.

“Bullshit!” he replied.

“You saw me”.

So I didnt talk further about it. Hehe. But these powers, all of it, when you combine a lifestyle like you SHOULD have along with a workout you SHOULD have – will come to you naturally, my friend, regardless of other “handicaps” you may or may think you have.

To get on the workout train that products results, and TONS of them – go here – The 0 Excuses Fitness System.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – – I done knew there was SOMETHING I forgot while writing, hours later, I remember it now – that being my WORKOUTS are the same way, hehe.

I might start out thinking – indeed I always do – workouts – squats – pull-ups and such. I might even warm up with some of them movements.

But later, what happens – is what happens – could be pushups, pull-ups, whatever.

Key thing is SOMETHING good happens!

And that it does happen, if you get my drift..

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