Rapping back and forth with Ben, and weird vibes given off by near 38 year olds training “kiddie” style. Hehe.
- Nah - not weird! Hehe

So , lots to talk about in this one, I believe!

I’ve been rapping back and forth with Ben Bergman, a DOER on this list (well, he’s not on the list as YET – but he will be soon, he’s bookmarked the site though and thats how he reads these articles/emails – btw, for YOU on this list, might be a good idea to bookmark the site just in case you miss an email, all emails are posted either on this site or on www.rahulmookerjee.com!). (and we’ll get Rolls Royce Publications up and running too, but I’ve already got a couple of emails up there too, I believe).

First off, before I dive into all of what I gotta say – I’ve been getting requests, strangely enough, or maybe not – a LOT of them – on both sites for two things – one of which I will share here – web development!

Lots of folks want me to build their sites for them – after seeing how well THESE sites are doing – in many cases these folks were the same ones who called me an idiot for doing things online and how it could “never work”.


How the wheel turns – and comes full circle eh. It always does, as a certain fictional “Priyanka” I’ve written five books on would “know”!

Indian “Goddesses” aside, lets get to it – I do NOT do web development any more – unless I’m very well compensated for it – I did it a lot back in the day, and being I still manage, update, maintain, administer and code (when required) everything myself on all my sites, I can certainly do it.

I’m certainly not the sort of guy who (if Ricky is reading, sorry, but it’s true!) gets two degrees, one in Computer Science, second in Biology, then does exactly “F all” with both of those, and asks for assistance on the most basic of IT issues…

(the degrees did help when looking for a bride, I suppose, lol – thats “arranged marriages in India for you – even in the good ole US of A)

Long story short – I can do it – but you gotta CONVINCE me to do it – enough said on that one. Emails saying “plssssssss build me site sir” will not cut it.

Enough said on that one. (but if you’re seriously interested, get back to me with a business or other plan, and well see what we can do. Believe me, we’ve got the infrastructure for it, I’ll tell y’all that!).

Anyway – on to training – so Ive been rapping with Ben about many things.

He sent me some pictures of his training – looking good Ben!

Maybe I’ll post them on the DOERS page when we get that one up and running.

With all the books still to be done, I doubt the doers page will be up anytime soon, but who knows!

Life in the FLOW.

Anyway …………… I’ve been talking to him about other things too – one of them being pull-ups, and I urged him to do MORE pull-ups – a lot more – something everyone should be doing (with proper form).

I also told him all about how big guys can and SHOULD do pull-ups – something which I said he no doubt knows all about!

(that above email is just ONE of MANY I’ve written on the subject!)

But anyway, he brought up an interesting point about doing pull-ups outdoors, and that is what I want to focus on today – along with some recollections, except they’re not of the sort you saw in 16 Inspirational FItness Recollections!

First off his email –


Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad the pics can be useful in your future articles.

I don’t do pullups that often since most of my pullup training is done at a park and I don’t want to give parents a weird vibe since a near 38 year old man is doing weird exercises on a kids playground equipment. Plus kids need the bars more than I do lol. I have a bar in storage at the moment until my wife and I find a new place. I use to do a little more consistently up until a year ago when we had to move out of the duplex we were living in. You’re right, but guys can do pullups but how many really do them right for their structure? Lol. My friend the late Bud Jeffries would do them from time to time and he was closer to 300 lbs. Even as far using those eagle straps to do them with.

I will sign up for the daily emails and check them out cause I just go directly from my bookmarks. Thank you again for the reply.

The email was longer, I put in the relevant parts here.

(he was referring to the “big guys can do pull-ups” statements made by me in terms of “you’re right”. And if Bud Jefferies could do ’em, well, along with Vince Gironda – yours truly when he was “big” (to say the least, hehe) – where is YOUR excuse?)

Yours truly –

Hi Ben,

Thanks for getting back to me! No issues with regard to the list – but yeah, sign up – that way, all of what you see online will show up in your Inbox as well. Either works, but its good to get on the list – with the bookmarks you’ll see the “most recent” posts, but the list will have emails from years ago as well in some cases, which you might not have seen via bookmarks, so yeah – get on the list – you’ll love it!

(just make sure to “confirm” your email (you’ll get a confirmation email after signup)- for some reason, I see the affiliate emails arent getting through to your yahoo email, so perhaps use a different one?)

Pics – and feedback – is always useful! … chopped… (and with this sort of thing like you know, one grows into many … like mice, hehe, speaking of which I better go hunt down that stray mouse I wrote about in one of my last emails!)..

I have heard of Bud Jeffries – guy was STRONG as heck, I’ll give him that! I dont know much else about the guy, but I will research him – I did not know he “passed” though . . .

As for the weird vibe? Hehe. I do pull-ups outside all the time, not sure if you’ve seen the “Da Xing Xing” emails from me, or the emails where the Chinese constantly stare at me “crazy” hehe – or the kids pestering me on the monkey bars – but hey, all goes with the territory – great workout!

Youll be hearing more on that in an email to come though – stay tuned!

(btw, home pull-up bars can be GREAT – they really, if you place them in doorways etc – allow you to focus on FORM – the one I currently have – I couldn’t really “swing” up if I wanted to, not that I would anyway)

You may enjoy this link – More on fat gripz, the SORE, SORE forearms I’ve got – – – and the best compliment to grip training done “pulling” style! (0excusesfitness.com) – and this one – More FOR using the thumb while doing pull-ups. (0excusesfitness.com). Like I said, sign up for the list, if you like what you see via bookmarks, you’ll LOVE what you get on the list. Hehe.

Keep it up with the pull-ups I’d say, despite the “weird” vibe – and DEFINITELY do monkey bar work – https://0excusesfitness.com/2018/01/27/da-xing-xing-fitness. (you’ll love that one too!. hehe).


Rahul (PS – Enjoy my wierd misspelt words, lol…..) (Like Twain said, “I never had any use for a man who could only spell one way”, hehe. Great guy, right down to that mustache of his, lol).

Well, so why did I share this email. lol.

Certainly not to rap about the mouse, which has evaded all attempts I made last night to kick it out of the house (rather than kill it) (though we put out medicine etc, though it doesnt seem to have nibbled on any of it!) – and is now hiding out in the kitchen. Hehe.

I still remember a girl Carol I knew who’d literally JUMP – inches – while hiking the hill with me, and hide behind me when frogs showed up at night on the hill (after rain).

With a mouse in her house, she was so scared that she messaged me all night about it from her bedroom, but wouldn’t get up to go to the bathroom for fear the mouse would “get her”. Hehe.

I am not quite at that level, to say the least!

but for the most part, I’d rather not have mice in the attic either, hehe.

Anyway ……..

That apart, thats another reason to sign up for the lists, eh.

And the last thing – most importantly, he brings up a pretty good point!

I mean, lets face it, even the doers will get it – how many times have you gone outdoors to work out in the park, and chosen a time “where not many people would be around” if just to avoid the stares, comments and other idiocy?

Perhaps that is one reason I chose a time which Charles the former friend would constantly go on about “I dont know how you train in that heat!” – where not many people at all were out and about, especially kids.

Doers like to be left alone when doing – PERIOD.

I could write tomes about that – and have about that one idiot who once asked me to “work my mind more and not do so many pull-ups” – I wish I could find the link for you – I’ve written about it. Hehe.

But other recollections, along the lines of ANNOYANCE AND IRRITATION?

I’ve often had trouble with adults gawking and staring, not being willing to move their coats off the dipping bars and so forth, and of course kids showing up where I work out and do pull-ups.

Nothing against any of that, but again, doers like to do – and be left alone to DO.

And when it’s Chinese New Year, when despite the Chinese economic miracle you have people gathering in huge swarms in the parks outside etc (free!) – you sometimes do have issues, especially if you’re a very noticeable foreign devil working out outdoors.

In China, one thing that constantly annoyed me was the “expectation” many Chinese have of foreign devils all being ESL teachers (monkeys) – and how “we should be glad we’re in their country” and so forth.

And of course, teach them English for free, and other nonsense.

The “entitlement” mentality basically (really, even Russia is better in that regard – MUCH better).

And Ive got into it a a couple of times, or more!

Once with a couple of moronic ladies who wouldn’t move away from the dipping bars – in short skirts at that. I can just hear ole Mickey saying “get your chicken asses out of here”. Hehe. I almost said that – I think I did – hence the issues.

“Go back to your own country” was the answer. 

Ah, honey, as Marc would say “When the Chinese stop coming to our country and buying up all the land at inflated rates, we will stop going to yours“. lol.

So right. So true!

Then this one time when a dog showed to lick my chin when I was doing handstand pushups and I got distracted, and fell on my chin. Nasty bump that one. Hehe.

Then this one time when a kid was badgering me – and poking me when I didn’t answer his foolish questions – right AFTER a workout – not pull-ups, at the top of the hill, and when I told him to leave me alone he wouldnt and then I got irritated, and yelled at him to get lost or something – and his Dad got pissed.

How dare I tell his kid that.

“This is China! Chinese dont like you!”

Oddly enough, the Chinese there were themselves trying to get him out of the area. lol. (they were all doers there, they saw me there daily).

But that one almost turned physical, I had to restrain myself big time there …And in hindsight, I’m glad I did.

Guy was a real pussy, when you see someone balling their fists up and pretending to “fight” – with car keys between their fists to inflict damage their pansy fists never ever could – well – when I saw him doing that, despite his insults, I laughed, and all anger left me.

(or annoyance, not anger).

What a sissy, I Remember thinking. Hehe. 

(and he was. he was trying to exploit the crowds, all mostly Chinese, on a Chinese holiday, and the “big bad foreign devil trying to bully a father and his kid” – which even the crowd saw through it, it was utter BS, so that backfired as he was told to leave the area, which he did, but as I was going down the hill, his grandma or maw, or whoever the lady was, hehe – and him started on again)

(I mean really, dude, control your kid, it’s one thing to badger from a distance, its quite another to pester physically!!!)

(but, TIC – “This is China”)

Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla said it more prosaicly.

“What a pussy”, he laughed.

But my buddy from the Marines had different advice, he was right too.

“Rahul, its never good to get physical with these people!”

And he’s right. It never is in China where it’s mostly “Chinese vs foreigners”, and 9 times out of 19 the foreigner is wrong even when he is not wrong. Hehe.

OK, if you can speak Chinese, and in my case if you have contacts etc, its different, plus I’ve been there over 15 years – all that is there, but still, I’ve heard and seen too many cases of expats being locked up for NO fault of their own in China – that is an area I’d rather not go there if you get my drift!

China has wierd laws too, in the US for instance, if someone physically attacks you, or “tries to” (potential danger) you can not only stand your ground, but you can whack the other guy into oblivion, and there (obviously and rightly so) wont be many problems with it unless you really go “Putin” on the guy.  (i.e. you cant simply kill someone or seriously hurt, injure etc, but still the laws work sensibly).

But in China, if someone even slaps you – lets assume – you’d say that would be a prime opportunity to go “Putin” on him?

(I wont get into her. Glyn can handle the sissies. Hehe)


My buddy once did, ended up in jail for NO fault of his – except self defense if you can believe that.

So, yours truly stays away from all this in those cases……………

Anyway – working out outdoors, huh. Hehe.

Those were a few recollections I wanted to share with you, specifically the almost fist fight. Hehe.

But none of this should deter y’all from going outdoors, getting a workout in – and hey, if you’re not doing monkey bar work, you’re not really training grip – period.


And none of this should mean you should NOT do pull-ups at home either, like I said doorway chinning bars really make you focus on form!

If I had a choice between the two, especially when you bring fat gripz into play?

I would choose both!

And that, my friends is that.

Have a great day – and Ben – keep the feedback coming – all helps a lot!


Rahul Mookerjee

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