If it gets boring…
- WTF!

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A common complaint I keep hearing about workouts – especially the numbers I do, and advocate – specifically in terms of pull-ups, Hindu squats (where I recommend you should work up to doing 500 at one SHOT – which yes, it’ll take a while, but that should be the goal!) – and certain other exercises?

“its sooooooooo boring” some people will say. 

Note these people aren’t necessarily “not doers”.

They’ll do a rep or two properly, maybe 10.

But then when it comes time for the GRIND, the long haul – they back out.

Persistence is key, my friend.

And if you aren’t willing to go through the grind, instead preferring to go through the “motions” – well, you get what you put into it, simple as that, same thing for workouts, life, anything.

Put your heart and soul into something – you might be amazed at the benefits you get – and keep getting – in all ways that you never even dreamed possible – the reverse is true too i.e. do something “slipshod” or half heartedly – same thing – except in reverse.

Remember, as Emerson wrote about in the Laws of Compensation, a great read, and a must read for all I believe, it’s paid back to you at some point in time or the other, you cannot escape it – and the “currency of this exchequer is compound interest”.

Tis a fact, friend, thats how life works……

Now, back to “boring”.

I cannot for the life of me imagine how 500 Hindu squats at one go can get boring if you’re doing them right – the amount of MENTAL FOCUS required for one compeletely eliminates all whining and boring.

Sometimes, like with my long hill climbs in blazing heat, it can feel like torture – like the Undertaker slowly making his way to the ring, hehe (indeed that is what played out in my mind all those years I did those LONG workouts!).

Sometimes, in those cases, there isn’t a way to make it less tortorous, but in the case of pure bodyweight exercises, there is ALWAYS A WAY!

Squats getting boring? Amp the intensity.

Feeling yourself “lose it” during a jog “when will it end”? SPRINT!

And so forth.

The antidote to boredom while working out is this – maintain focus, and keep upping the INTENSITY to a point you cannot be bored or distracted even if you wanted to be.

THIS is what I keep telling people who claim they need the TV on a treadmill or what not to train effectively, or “can’t train without my headphones”, or other rot.

There isn’t anything wrong with accessories per se, all too often they’re used as a crutch, much like “boredom” is too.

And thats the lesson for the day – or email – whichever it is, we’ll see.

And if you’re interested in an exercise system that has so many variations you’ll NEVER get bored no matter what, pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness system NOW.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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