Weird rituals, and more…
- Rites of passage. Hehe.

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I should probably term it as “rites of passage”. Hehe. Since thats what they are!

But first …

Thanks for unloading a memory.

That was what Ben said at the end of his email on “nicknames” – which I just wrote about HERE.

Glad to have touched a positive chord  – keep GOING!

He’ll keep going, I know that. Hehe. TANK!

Anyway – Abrams tanks and Battletank Shoulders aside (or, T 72’s, depending, hehe) …

Some memories have been floating up in MY mind too. They often do!

And one of them was, for some reason a strange “rite of passage” every young boy went through at school – in India, at least.

If it was your birthday (unless you hid it) – you got picked up by the arms and legs “like a sack” by several other boys, and you’d be kicked repeatedly on the back and ass for  a while.

And thats it.

Now, this isn’t as brutal as it might sound, most of the boys did it good heartedly.

(couple of assholes yes, but mostly, all in good spirit).

(kinda like “ragging” – or “hazing” – an old British concept which never quite went away from India, something I absolutely do NOT tolerate or accept – but apparently its alive and kicking still in the subcontinent).

(kinda like what we were expected to do i.e. treat others on our birthdays – shouldnt it be the other way around if the day is “special”? It never was for me, but hey – if it’s special for the person, it should be special for the person, not others, period! Hehe).

Most of the kicks landed on the ass anyway, and not with full force, some on the back I think. Hehe.

And then you got let down.

Those times were pretty brutal though – but they made men out of boys. All the physical punishments, all the “no mamsy pamsy tough love” and so forth …

… given what the world has come to today in terms of most being pansies x 100 – I’ll take the 90’s anyday.

(no dumbphones too. Yay!).

Anyway – I’ve no idea why birthdays lent themselves to that? It was also apparently one of those things you grew out of, apparently ninth grade onwards it never happened (hey, the girls will look. Hehe).

As my lovely (not) Dad once so nicely told me.

“I’m sure the girls will find you cute without your long hair too!”

Maybe they will, fact is they always have – hehe – Dad, maybe YOU were the one that always wanted to be an iconclast, but never COULD Be.

In China, I still remember him telling him quietly “you can get all you want here“.

Hey, Dad.

Thats like preaching to the choir. Hehe.

Anyway …. that aside, memories!

one of the stranger ones was Rahul in fourth grade where he “liked a girl” – and my first thought was, what if I’m alone with her for a few hours – and then later, “she comes out with a baby”.


No birds and bees were taught to us, or me at least!

Her name was Priyanka, oddly enough, I’ve met “Priyankas” all my life in various shapes, sizes and forms, with ONE defining common characterestic I’m NOT going to mention here, but that characterestic is probably what caused “Michael in China” (as I’m called hehe “Michael Brown” is the name I use in China as I got sick of being called “Lahoo” or “Yahoo” (try getting Chinese to pronounce Rahul, lol, you’d think they’re Asians too, they could pronounce it but no!)) write a bestselling, and indeed flagship book (that Bozo Schofield for one salivates over, hehe) on the other site – with her as the heroine.

(not you, Glyn, you’re not the “her” I’m referring to. Hehe. Youre merely the sissy there, perhaps thats why he loves the book so much “in ass” as it were).

Anyway ………..

Memories aside….

Some of the things we did, and thought of as kids are really what we should do as adults.

Some of the MOVEMENTS we did – ANIMAL like – are the best in terms of getting fit as an adult.

Dont believe me?

Get down into a bear crawl and crawl like a little kid for say … 20 seconds by the clock.

Get back up, and duck waddle around for the same time.

Back down – frog jump for the same time.

And last, the alligator walk which will make SUPERMEN out of MEN – for 20 seconds – if you can do it for even 2 that is.

Thats 80 seconds of workouts, little over a minute.

Most so called men out there would be hard pressed to do FIVE seconds of this workout without collapsing.

Animal Kingdom Workouts my friend is one of my best books, and its – along with Battletank Shoulders – BRUTAL.


Clearly you know what it takes to create the perfect beast!”

From one beast to the other – hehe. That was the great John Walker saying that!

Anyway – thats yet another example of why SIMPLE often works the best. And is the most BRUTAL.

You see examples of it all around you … I’m not even going to bring world events into it, but I think you know what I’m talking about.

And if you’re a serious trainee, then these two books simply MUST be on your bookshelf, period – no ifs, buts, maybes, hems, haws…

Get ’em NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of you on the list have been getting hit- nay, BLASTED – with animal kingdom emails. Hehe. Now, thats a glitch with the system, the email was only supposed to go out so many times, but being a lot of you want the course, and a lot of you are being cheap and not GETTING it – well, that email will CONTINUE to go out. Hehe. Some things must happen!

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