Why I just insulted “you”
- Yeah, YOU. (not really, hehe).

Yeah, you!

Nah – not really, but the point i’m trying to make is this – there is a reason why I believe I mentioned in one of my last emails “cheapskates” not wanted.

It was there in red (hopefully it was, at least).

And as I’ve said in the past before, types that want to buy – say The Simple and Effective Diet and then want a $20 discount on that (which is what was being offered at the time) (and this is just ONE example!) – I mean, I got ONE phrase to utter that I’ll borrow from Sleepy Joe.

Come on!

A $17 product, and he wants the $20 discount applied on that too.

Even Amazon would be hard pressed to meet such demands. Hehe.

Its due to all the whinging, carping, moaning I regularly get from idiots about prices – the same idiots who’d happily pay Netflix and not the Ship (despite the exorbitant rates the former charges, and the very reasonable deal we offer) – and whine about not being able to renew on time “because my card is over limit” or some nonsense, and then wanting “back in”.

Sorry pal – doesnt work that way.

Dont get me wrong, it’s a free world, and if he (she) chooses that option and is at least upfront about it, then hey – you dont get no rants from me on it.

His/her choice, thats fine.

but making EXCUSES about not being able to renew on time because of some idiotic tripe like that is just pathetic, and more than that, to me at least – ANNOYING.

I’ve been in positions before where monthly memberships couldn’t be renewed (though the Ship is yearly, or six monthly) – due to factors truly beyond my control.

IN all those cases, I’ll contact the people responsible and tell them the reason – and either ask them to put the service on hold until I “pony up” – or some other solution (with me it’s always been a long term thing, so thats never been an issue with any of my providers, and there are plenty!) …

But I’ll never make some stupid excuse about “I wanted to buy this”, so …

That is just a retarded COP OUT.

Anyway …

The reason – another one I dont do too many sales these days is because of the whiners, whose number grows exponentially (to be expected though).

And when I do, the last thing I want is more whining.


Or, this –

“Please take me off the mailing list. I dont appreciate the language you use on a daily basis”.

Or other tripe.

Apparently dude #2 from California forgot there is an unsubscribe link.

Maybe I’ll do him the favor of clicking it.

And inslut – really? LOL.

Dont get me wrong, I know Glyn’s hanging around someplace too …

But back to insults?

First off, dude, I didnt insult nobody.

I simply said I didnt want cheapskates, if you classify yourself in that bracket and feel insulted, well, tough shit, but … facts are facts eh.

Second, there is the matter of the word “IF”.

IF – in Boolean logic that isn’t a “definite” as far as I know, and even real life logic?

Third, the fact is this – there ARE People clogging up the list who do exactly F all except “stay on it”.

A lot of these people may occasionally check their emails or what not, some dont even do that.

Fluff, and not wanted – especially when sending emails costs money per email.

(and no, “because I want to learn for free doesnt cut it”, and even if you did, the site is there for that)

Last, there are people on this list – and believe me, the software tracks these things (even if it didnt, I’d set up the code to track it) – and even if that didnt happen, I’d fEEL it – and if I feel it, I’m generally RIGHT – that they’re just “waiting for the time to be right”, that they never have any money, credit cards always overspent etc, and so forth.

First thing you know, ain’t never gonna be “the right time”, and second … with people “hoping” he’ll give it to us for less, complaining about discounts etc – well, I dont see these people go to a Michelin restaurant and ask for discounts, and whine about price, then I see no reason they should be doing that HERE.

Simple as that.

If someone wants to be that way, thats their choice.

But I dont want them on the list.

And therefore, its not an insult. It’s called smart business, and it’s going to continue to happen, and if someone gets their wittle feelings hurt, so BE IT.

Anyway …………….

Hopefully you’re still on the list after reading this. Hehe.

And if you’re part of the elite bunch of doers that wants to take advantage of the 30% off sale we have going on now – well, it’s right HERE for you -use coupon code MEM2022 at checkout.

But hurry – it wont last beyond or probably not even till May 30…

See you around –


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’ve been to our products page, and are wondering WHAT to buy – well, the 0 Excuses Fitness System would be an awesome start. Invest, follow instructions, get good – damn good at it – and THEN move onto other things.

Yes, I could tell you to grab everything you can while the sale lasts, and yeah that would make sense for you too financially, but I’d rather you get stuff at your own pace, and the products be of USE to you. And thus, my recommendation. Slow and steady – and persistent – does win the race ultimately!

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