“But you’re not going to do it, are you”
- Those were sage words. hehe.

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I remember my roommate in college I believe, big burly guy – not much taller than I was, but much “bigger” (naturally).

And I remember coming back to the dorms one day in 1999, and seeing him do pushups – or, I think he was talking about doing ’em (which it was obvious he did, he had some army training as well).

“I was doing pushups, I did 60”, he went.

Really, I said, chugging my “light” beer – those were the BEAST ICE (Milwaukee’s best, do they still have that? Hehe. Southpaw “aint no mo” from what I Can tell!) days – but this was Milwaukee “light” beer which according to the roomie was good to get drunk on AFTER stronger beer.

(having drank both, and Coors light as well I can tell you they’re both like water. Hehe. Now the heavy stuff – thats heavy! Nowhere near as heavy as “Colt 45” or “Magnum” – LOL – malt liqor there…).

“I did them with feet on my bed, hands on yours” he said.

We had beds “one after the other” basically in that room in one corner, so …

I need to work out too, I remember telling him one day after he came back from the gym.

He looked at me once.

“But you’re not going to do it, are you”.

(this was after he had urged me to hit the gym MANY a times).

Looking back, I’m glad I didnt do the thing. Hehe.


Well, for one, it gives me an appreciation of TRAINING, and how important it is in your life – to feel good – just “feel good” internally for one.

To be healthy and strong.

To be able to handle anything life throws at you.

To have “divine inspiration” often – look at any great writer, author, poet, leader – MOST of them (Winston Churchill and Trump being noteable exceptions) workout like maniacs when its workout time.

This afternoon I popped off 180 squats, 20 stepups to finish off, and 25 pull-ups (thus far).

I’m sure I’ll be hitting the pull-up bar later, I feel it in my bones.

I feel an extra strong BREW … nah, GRIP workout coming on too.

Though lifting full beer barrels can be a pretty exhausting full body “lumberjack workout”!

So can what the Chinese ladies do all the time with bottles of water


that link above is “somewhat” naughty.

But you’ll get over it. Hehe.

What I wrote about in 0 Excuses Fitness though was these tiny massueses doing fingertip pushups, sometimes up to 500 of them daily (throughout the day) to train for those massages.

What I wrote about, I believe in Gorilla Grip, or maybe another book ? Was those same tiny ladies lugging up 20 liter bottles of water in one hand up four flights of stairs, I’ll never forget the time yours truly “phat phocker” at the time saw these ladies and goggled “how do they do it”

it aint the size of the dog, friend. It’s ALWAYS about the SIZE OF THE FIGHT IN THE DOG!

Anyway, thats why I am glad I was a phat phocker, unfit, all of it at a certain point (roomie time though I Was a skinny runt basically) – as it qualifies me even MORE to teach YOU about real fitness “in the trenches” as it were.

As I keep saying, gotta take a punch FIRST to deliver one, gotta know how it feels like to be on the other end of the spectrum FIRST before you can teach people how to oscillate to the opposite and quite frankly – better end.


Some of you have already taken advantage of the 30% off (use coupon code MEM2022) sale we have going on.

To the slackers – “but you’re not going to do it are you”.


might as well come out and say it, bro.

At least be honest about it…

Take control of your life today, my friend.


And doing that without a solid workable fitness system behind you is nigh impossible.

Doers that want some -come get some NOW – HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

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