Why I dont like the term “make something of yourself”
- Or I should say, why I never use it ...

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Despite all the life advice I give, despite all the coaching etc I do for those that want it (doers!) -there is one line I have never once told anyone – ever in my life – even way before I started this business, or any of them – although I’ve always been most generous with my time and advice – even, in some cases to people that dont deserve it (a certain Glyn Schofield comes to it, but ah, we’ll let him be for now) – the one line I’ve heard so many people talk about, but I never say?

“Make something of yourself”

I dont know why, but a lot of the tough love crowd, a lot of the self help gurus, a lot of … well, people in general seem to spout this line like some sort of gospel when people come to them for advice.

I mean lets see, guy comes to you for advice, if he’s doing that, he is likely interested in making something of himself, no?

I dont think YOU need to tell him that!

Yet, oddly enough, thats exactly what so called self help gurus, life coaches etc do – with (often) laundry lists of written out statements of “what to do to make something of yourself”.

First thing you know, thats a highly insulting thing to tell someone – anyone.

It demans them – at least if you’re intelligent enough to know what you want, and if you go after it.

It’s also most often said by people – who want you to “make something of yourself” – on THEIR terms.

Back in the day, my friend Ricky who owns a chain of convenience stores would often “exhort” me to come work for him.

Or, supposedly “with him”.

OK, so are you going to offer me a work visa, and legal working terms etc, I’d often ask him.

No way, he’d respond. Come on your own risk!


No thank you sir.

“But, but, but … it’s better than China!” 


In China I have my own apartment, delivery 24/7, fantastic hills nearby – everything I could possibly want – access to plenty of girls which you never had, hehe – and what more could a man want, especially given the beer is not that bad either?

Costs aren’t anywhere as high in the rest of the world either (thats one benefit, as I’ve written about so often, of “communist” nations – dont get me wrong – I dont support communism, never have, but they do keep the prices low in their own countries for their own people by “any means necessary”!).

In China I dont necessarily need to buy a car either to get around if I dont want to.

Thats not to say “this country is better” or thats not.

It’s just to say when you’re offering a friend so called help, you have to take a good long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself WHY you’re doing it.

In Ricky’s case, he’s one of those people that have never actually started anything from scratch. All given to him by his grandfather basically – which is fine.

But advice on growing hair from a bald man … advice that essentially advocates “become an illegal alien” in whichever country he was referring to … nah. I’d rather do it legally or not at all.

And I’d only do it if I WANTED to. Case and point.

In Ricky’s case, upon a bit more digging – it was nigh evident he’s finding a very hard time finding “reliable” people.

Well, Ricky, pay peanuts, get monkeys I told him.

For a guy who looks around to find bums on the street that he can offer $10 to clean his house – well, thats what you’ll get if you offer NO benefits at your job, no security, no stability – why would someone want to work for you, much less with you?

Quizzed on “what exactly he would give me”, he started…. yelling. Hehe.

“Forget that!” he kept yelling. 

Dude, you’re asking someone to upend their life – for what?

“I’ll hook you up with a room with other guys!”

Dude, you truly know SO little about someone you claim “is your best friend” or whatever nonsense he claimed (a best friend who he wouldn’t drive to the post office to mail some important stuff for MONTHS for, then blocked me when I asked him to do it). Hehe.

In his case, he was looking for yet another guy who wouldn’t argue and put up with his inanity and work for him for peanuts, and God forbid he complains or anything “because he’s illegal”.

Go find a Mexican is what I laughed back at him.

(no, nothing against Mexicans there, this is just a rant against idiots who have no clue what the next person wants, idiots who’ve never DONE the thing themselves – its one thing to run an already successful biz bro, it’s quite another to START it from the ground up!).

Like Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once told me – “they’re saying that to a guy whose created multiple brands on his own with NO support, from the ground up“.

And he’s right!

My entire life my whole family has been at it – consciously or not – to make me “fit into the mould of being a success” i.e.”make something of yourself” – which for all of them, although SECRETLY they want what I have – is “work a corporate job the rest of your life and be a slave to someone”.

Nah, Mommy.

You tried your best.

I get that.

But you failed.

Because forcing Rahul Mookerjee into something he doesnt want to do never works …

… And back to “making something of yourself” – thats why I never tell people that.

When they come to me for advice – I ask them what they WANT – and then tell them the steps they should follow to go GET IT – and in each case, those steps are DIFFERENT.

We are all wired differently, there is NO one size fits all – life wise, or fitness wise.

As for making something of yourself, that is entirely up to you – on your terms or what not. Personally I know how annoying it is to ask for advice and have someone spout out what THEY want you to do, not advice on going where you want to (because they aint got a clue themselves).

So if you want real life coaching that really works – apply HERE – and we’ll see what we can do.

(if  you’ve applied, if you have not received a response from us as yet – then email me – again!).

(this, of course, is part of the reason I never “got married to become a citizen” or whatever nonsense “Fang” was advocating back in the day in NY.

Chinese would DIE for the opportunity you have, white girl, so beautiful” he kept going.

Like dude, girls have hardly ever been a problem for me, and I dont need to get documentation “based upon something I didnt really do”

I’d rather do it MYSELF, and always have – bottom line).


The one thing I do tell people fitness wise – is not to “make something of themselves fitness wise”.

Everyone has their own idea ultimately of what ‘fitness’ entails.

But, there are some basic concepts that apply to all.

Minimal fat around the midsection.

High energy all day long that does NOT go away.

Waking up fresh – and not “depleted” – regardless of “how much you slept last night” or other nonsense.

Doing something … daily.

Heavy duty leg and back work (by extension, shoulders too).

And so forth …

I’ve got the results to back up what I say. My students have the results too – check out my Twitter and other social media, or even the pages HERE for more.

And therefore, I’m fully qualified to talk about it all day long and I will .. Hehe.

But I’ll never tell you to “make something of yourself”.

Talk about an insult (remember the last whiny email I got about insults) ?

Dude, if I REALLY insulted you, I wanted to tell that guy. Of course, he’s probably too dumb to recognize a real “talk down” or insult when he sees or hears it.

And thats that for now.

Enjoy the weekend folks – happy Memorial Day – and … be sure to grab some products at a discount NOW, because it aint gonna last beyond the 30th.

MEM2022 – is the TICKET. (ie coupon code you can use for the discount).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And no, contrary to what many people think you dont need to survive on fried roaches, pig hearts, duck blood, and other “delicacies” (ever seen snakes in Walmart? Lol – well, they have ’em hanging in China!) in China … there’s plenty of REAL food i.e. beef, pork, chicken, eggs available as well …

And, some of that great green tea I source – let me know if you want it – original high quality stuff – if you want it, let me know (I had the sales page up here, but took it down due to low demand from this site) – and I’ll hook you up!

And, I write about in the Simple and Effective Diet too, which of course is yours GRATIS with the 0 Excuses Fitness System, which truly is the best darn fitness system ever, out there – and so forth, yada, nada, schnada, you’ve heard it all before I know, but it’s true!

PS #2 – When you help someone in general, the best way to do it is NO strings attached, do it because you want to, do it because you’re trying to help the other person, or support him the best you can, and so forth.

Do NOT try and “mould” the other person in your own mould, or try and “extract” other benefits from him (or her) in the name of “helping a friend out” – that ain’t help – thats BS. Lots of people would be doing good to take this advice and APPLY it.

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