Why Wacko Schofield so disappoints(ed) me…
- Hehe.

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I knew there was a reason for those weird dreams I’ve been having, I even woke up and wrote “cant make sense of this” in my diary when I woke up.

Not often I write that.

Now, dreams are sepulchral (not necessarily in a bad way tho) and wierd at the best of times, they can be tough to make sense of even for the most experienced of dream “analyzers” – and they rarely mean the same thing for everyone, or anyone – the more you delve into your own subconscious the more you understand this – “lucid dreaming” IS a thing, my friend.

But normally, for me, I get a feeling of good or bad from the dreams, and the events that are “depicted” in pictorial form in the dream usually HAPPEN later (if you’re smart enough to decipher ’em).

It’s always been this way for me.

But this morning, I woke up – and it was “odd”.

A strange sort of “wierd” feeling.

I dismissed it from my mind, I wrote you that long email, then I went about my business.

A certain Michelle I know posted something on FB, for some reason, though I never use the dadgum thing, I had to check my stuff on there.

So I did!

Food, food, and more food was what Madam posted.

Which is great – but then – I saw it.

Plenty of new “approval requests” for the FB group – which I hardly even ever login to these days, but it’s alive and kicking – Ben, if you’re reading this email, then that would be a great place for you too!


A couple of new comments, lots of likes and so forth – just goes to show, when someone truly WANTS you and is inspired by you or otherwise obsesses about you they’ll go to any lengths to find you, pull out all the stops, and so forth …

… circla Glyn Bozo.

Apparently the back alleys outside the pubs in Brum had enough of this bozo, and he;s showed up again.

Remember, I was asking y’all where this loon disappeared for a while. lol.

Well, he’s been there, lurking with nasty breath and that ever present humungous belly and his Cheetos (ugh).

Glyn never grew out of .. but anyway, his diaper fetish and all that aside, he’s been doing something y’all would never expect (he did it on my Instagram too before I roundly blocked him) .. he’s been “liking” posts etc.

Much like his epic trolling a couple of years ago, I didnt notice until now (because I hardly login to bloody FB anyway – after what happened to the Trumpinator on social media, Twitter is all I use – Bozo is blocked there too, of course).

And I hate FB anyway – its for idiots with short attention spans in general.

Just saw a comment on Twitter to the tune of “The liberals have Jeff Bezos and Biden! We have Elon Musk and .. well,someone else she mentioned”. I like our chances, she went.


What a FOOL!

Anyone that calls Bezos a liberal is an utter fool. The man is one of the smartest people out there, a TRUE businessman that (like myself) has built everything up from SCRATCH, had persistence, innovated, failed (big) – had VISION – did what he wanted to when people calle dhim a fool for doing it – and ultimately became an icon.

Sure, he doesnt post idiocy on social media like Musk does, but he doesnt need to.

His business does the talking, and in his biz, there are people from all political walks BUYING from him – why would he get into politics??

He’s probably building servers in space as I write this. Hehe. Trust me on this one!

(which is a good idea given all the devastation to come).


some clown who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth (like Glyn Bozo – of course, there is no comparison between a bum and Musk!) – and someone whose always had it handed to him on a silver platter, a China Tom Tom at the end of the day, and so forth.

Guy’s gfot his good points no doubt, but he’s not my type of guy to endorse or follow- he swings whichever way is best for him, not so Jeff Bezos.

Anyway – I got carried away there!

So anyway (and my thoughts on Mark Suck a berg are well known!) – I hardly use FB – logged in today, saw “likes” from Glyn.

Just that, no trolling, no comments, though he could.

He’s learnt SOMETHING at least. Hehe.

But truth be told, Glyn, youre disappointing me.

The one thing in life you’re good at is trolling – and scamming vulnerable women, of course.

And, sending weird “I want to be your servant” messages to girls in the late of night, posting pictures of your “equipment” (UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!) all over fetish sites and such and paying to be humiliated, all this rot … yes, but your best at being a TROLL.

So you disappoint me by not doing that!

But really, it goes to show the length (pun NOT intended) to which this guy is obsessed with me – I block him – for years and years – and he’s still coming back in some way, shape or form.


Truly another “rabid” follower he is … except I wouldnt want a fucktard like that anyone near me, but hey – the group membership needs to be approved, but the posts are free for all to view …

Tried for years to destroy this black mamba, brought out all his artillery, Glyn, dude, I ain’t even, as I told Charles the other day “started with you”.  (despite all the times I helped you, gave you advice, supported you – just PATHETIC).

(though my fault for not recognzing an ass when I saw one. I know Glyn recognizes them pretty well – he’s always brown nose deep in them, lol).

You’ll know it when I bring my OWN heavy artillery out, right now I’m just playin, boy.

So, if you haven’t already, sign up for that group, who knows, we may make something great out of it someday!

And, my Fast and Furious Fitness group too …

As far as Glyn, his latest scam these days is running “charity in the UK” – apparently what he does is he “offers advice to young, gullible Chinese women” on “setting down in the UK” and then scams money from there and is never to be seen again, as he’s done his whole life, except now people are wising up to him, the economy aint where it was (so scammers are finding it tough too) – and so he’s trying to piggyback off the popularity of my groups to get a few looks in for his stuff.

Just pathetic, but thats wanker Bozo Schofield for you with apparently a wanker so tiny he prides himself on posting it and being “outed” for it (thats apparently a thang for him along with dressing up as a tranny or what not). Ugh.

Glyn, personally I’d rather you troll and attack me for years, your latest “pink” avatar doesnt quite suit you.

Have no fear, I’m sure My Hyde will emerge pretty soon as he always does. He can’t resist, and I’ll be updating y’all on it!

And I dont know if this is some sort of weird “Gandhian” philosophy of “turning the other cheek” – newsflash Bozo, this doesnt work in real life. Of course, thats the only choice he’s got after exhausting all he had, hehe…

(it works SOMETIMES, but all too often, you give it back – and in spades at that, and THAT is what works. You DRIVE the point home, and then some, THAT is what works ultimately, all this mamsy pansy nonsense of turning the other cheek is good in theory, but it’s never worked in real life, including, if you were to talk about it, India’s own independence, ah, but I wont go there! Hehe).

Thats that, then.

And make sure to take advantage of, and GET in on the GREAT sale we’re having – use coupon code MEM2022 to get an UNPRECEDENTED 30% off on our products – but hurry, aint gonna last forever!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Another example of why I stay off the FB groups?

please help me am a rapper but know money to continue +23481244 .. rest chopped.

Ugh…Is that a nigerian number, btw??

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