Explaining the word “stud” to Judy.
- Teacher, hehe.

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Cometh the hour, cometh the teacher, when the student is ready, the teacher shall appear…

… and so he did, and so did this email that just landed in my Inbox, that I JUST responded to.

From  a certain Judy –

Sir, may I ask you some questions?  can you help me to explain “from STUD to Super Stud”? I couldn’t find more information about this word “stud”. Thank you!

She is referring to the book “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD – within WEEKS!“.

Hehe. Glyn Bozo would have a field day on this one, I’m sure!

And so would my former friend Ricky who used to keep taunting me with “teacher”!

“Teacher Rahul”, he kept saying, especially after I drank some Scotch whiskey once “Teachers” (didnt really like it tho, I’m a beer guy!).

Anyway, this teacher was floored – temporarily, but he’s never floored for long as you guys know, hehe. And the nature of the question, given all Ive said about China in the past and so forth .. lets just say – interesting!

A certain Victor, if he ever reads this would cackle too. Hehe. Yes, Victor, you were right – indeed, and often times “it does happen”!

And I aint gonna provide more details here – my response below tho –

Hi Judy,

Thats an interesting question! “stud” essentially can mean two things – one, the “stud on a boot” i.e. solid metal ….

… explaining these things can be tough! LOL …

A solid metal “thingy” on the boot, for lack of a better term!

Or, and in the sense it’s most commonly used for “native English speakers” – a guy whose attractive to the opposite sex, good in “bed”
with members of the opposite, or same sex (given what is going on these days haha), and so forth.

It is also used in other terms i.e. if someone’s doing well, lifting heavy at the gym, or going at it HARD in terms of bodyweight
exercises (and doing well) then someone might say “stud”!

Interesting question – let me know if that explained it – the book certainly has NO sexual topics of any nature in it – it simply means
getting from “real good” to excellent status at pullups!

Perhaps that is how I should have explained it right off the bat, but that would take a lot of the “fun” away. Hehe.

Let me know if you have more questions, and I’ll be glad to explain what I can.


That was certainly an interesting question.

Anyway ….

Glyn Bozo once posted an interesting review of the book “I want to be a stud like Rahul”. LOL. I’m NOT even going to go there … (for those interested, let me know – I’ll send over that email too. Hehe. Might well do that in a bit for a few laughs, we all need ’em from time to time!).

Anyway – the book above will truly TRANSFORM you – and turn you into a SUPER STUD at pull-ups, so get it NOW.

And HERE are a couple of great reviews for the book, and another one.

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The “follow up” software on the site seems to be emailing me a lot these days as well in terms of a lot of YOU that have not bought, or trying to buy, or simply checking out the check out page (it looks purdy doesnt it, hehe, plain, basic, RED – always RED am I!) …

… it should be emailing YOU the follow ups though, which I’m sure you’re getting, but thats something I gotta fix, I’ll be reaching out to some of you to figure out just what is going on “under the hood” (no pun) as it were…

PS #2 – Just how do you explain stud without being too risque to a non native English speaker? LOL. In class I’d simply show them the boot for the first one, but the second?

Ah, wait, a certain Ashley would explain the second one for me. Body language is all it would take . Hehe. 😉

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