What Nero asked about “active chest recovery”

He was referring to the book of all books, I believe – Battletank Shoulders, the question is APT!

He asks what I mean by this –

Something interesting that I’ve noticed too, is that the fingertip pushup, while working the grip a lot more allows for more active “chest” recovery, which means more reps on the pull-up!
What does “active chest recovery” mean in this sentence?

Great question, Nero!

Rahul –

Hi Nero

It basically means you train a muscle group in opposing directions. Pull-ups train the chest in such a way that the chest muscles
“pull up” – while pushups “push outwards”.

Both are complimentary and symbiotic movements, both, when done right – get the blood flowing back into the muscle, and act as
active recovery – during a workout.

Try it sometime, do high rep pull-ups and pushups and youll see what I mean. Fingertip pushups give you that extra chest elevation if you
do ’em right on your fingertips – therefore, more “recovery” – and therefore, more reps – and oddly enough or maybe not, the muscles will feel FRESHER as well.

Same thing for the back and traps, but it applies mostly to the chest here.

Let me know if that answers it. Quite the education, eh. Hehe.

Keep the questions coming, happy to answer what I can!


And that, my friend, is the logic – distilled down to bare bones for one of my FAVORITE (and should be YOURS TOO) exercise combos.

John Walker, a customer once gave me a “short and sweet” review on “Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands” which I shared in an email prior.

But I remember what he said.

“Massive strength and power.

Another excellent book from the bodyweight guru. I’ll keep this one short and sweet, just like the book!”

I believe I got the gist of that, if not entirely verbatim.


And thus endeth this email, all the shoulders books I’ve written are short, sweet and brutal – much like the workouts in them!

Get ’em NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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