Strange habits, Country liqor, and so forth ….
- And a frustrating day thus far.

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Been a weird, strange frustrating day in many regards so far…

Guy shows up to fix a dishwasher that hasn’t been fixed in ages (with all the associated problems, nagging and such – I’ll let you guess!) – and claims up and down (before I called him) “he’ll finish the job by today”.

I was sceptical.

Asked the wife “what if”

Then (on whatsapp) I confirmed it, its been pending for ages.

Four and a half hours and an ungodly mess later despite promises to “clean up after himself” – apparently the photo I see right now is “his version of clean up”.

Gotta say one thing, that sorta thing hasn’t ever happened in China – the workers at least these days are FAR better about cleaning up after themselves.

Anyway – while fixing the damn thing, or trying to, and not even giving an estimate on any of it – he thought my green tea was “liqor”.

“Sir, why do you keep drinking country liqor” he asked.

“It’s green tea”, I replied. 

“But how much of it will you drink!” he responded, apparently amazed. 

“I drink pots and pots of it daily”, I told him – as I told Brooks all those years ago, hehe.

That floored him.

He’s a teetotaler apparently (repair guy, at least one of them).

But I found it funny, but the color is sort of the same as country liqor, yes.

I proceeded to explain to him I rarely ever drink any sort of Scotch or even “stronger” beer (my malt liqor days notwithstanding) – and I’m a light beer sorta guy, so country liqor – NO WAY!

I couldnt handle it.

Then he kept noticing my other weird habits, one being the cat like “paw lift” I keep doing throughout the day – an immensely relaxing move taught in Advanced, Profound, Isometric and Flexibility Training . . .

And was sorta amazed when I squatted down in the “patented squat” position I teach in Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Both immensely relaxing moves that the average person cannot do, but SHOULD learn how to do

And now he’s off, promising to return tomorrow, what he does, we’ll see.

Sometimes, you can really just “sometimes the best thing to do is give up” – and piss out the words like the little guy did on a table (a sign) on the desk of a “would you believe it, a Chinese purchasing manager at the factory” as Uncle Bob so sagely once told me.

Anyway, dishwasher aside – here is where you can pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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