Doing squats “all at once” … or …
- And after 150 squats, I ....

And after 150 squats, I ….feel compelled to write to you about a question that came in yesterday, except I was too busy relaxing, hehe.

This is a question that has come in many shapes, forms and guises over the year, and since dude doesn’t want to be identified Ill call him “V”.

Much like the V a certain Daniela once wrote about – a girl who used to work in my office back when I still worked a job (at the factory in China) and whose major work for the day seemed to be to flirt with me incessantly, non stop willy nilly.

She spoke nary a word of English, and my Chinese – well, at that point it was just a few words. Hehe.

So nothing really happened, plus “dont stick your dick in where you work” has always been an axion I’ve taken fairly seriously – NEVER. Hehe.

I haven’t!

And it hasn’t ruined me as of now, hehe (but you gotta do it RIGHT or not, I agree. A Certain Ashley for one “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” who once stormed into the office of a learning center I was teaching complaining about my A/Ceeeeeeeeeee usage in the middle of blazing hot Southern China summer – when she showed up wearing mini skirts for one – I mean really lady, if your “legs are cold” then cover the F up is what I told her, that didnt go over too well did it. Neither did my reluctance to get in bed with her, which was the main thing, come to think of it. Hehe – and she showed up there, and pretty much caused the entire horse and pony biz to shut down, she was the one major client they had…).


Victor isn’t the dude I’m referring to, though he’s somewhat girly, I’ll say that. Hehe.

Frivolties aside, lets get to it. (but Daniela was referring to that girl i.e. “valentine” by V)

He is basically asking if squats should or even can be done “all at once” like I advocate in 0 Excuses Fitness.

Great question.

Short answer – YES, yes, and YES.

Long answer – it aint quite that simple – or easy.

Let me explain, no, I am NOT backtracking on what I said in the book and what I keep saying.

If you’ve ever been to an akhara in India (I have) – where these wrestlers actually train i.e. the mud pits and such, you’ll see that although they CAN do , say 100 or 500 at ONE go, without stopping, rarely do their workouts ALWAYS proceed like that.

Most of the time you’ll see ’em doing 50, then swing the arms – or do isometrics, then back at it – then another 20 – and so forth.

So it isn’t technically non stop, though it IS as well.

Key thing is this – they dont DWADLE, watch tee vee, or other crap while working out, or between sets.

They keep going.

Personally, I’ll tell you this much, it will take you a long damn time to work up to 50 straight Hindu squats, even those of you that have been training for years, let alone 500 at one go.

And even when you’re at that level, you’ll find you wont do ’em all at one shot daily.

You might not even do 500 daily.

If you do 500 daily, you’ll likely see that even if you do ’em in a set, one set, you’ll be pausing, doing isometrics, kicks and such like I often do – and like the wrestlers in India often do – WHILE doing the squats.

Let me tell you, doing ’em all without ONE SINGLE PAUSE – when you can do 500 that way, you’ll get to LEGENDARY status – literally. Trust me on this one.

And the mental focus you’ll build in spades … my.

You’ll have to feel it to believe it.

For now, there’s your answer “V”.

And I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

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