Why it aint my job to motivate LAZYASSES.
- and never will be!

All day long I hear – and see – corpulent fools with tummies hanging over their midsections – note – I dont call them fools because they’re fat, but because of their inccessant pissing, moaning and whining – and their LAZINESS!

I’ve often said I cannot tolerate one thing – stupidity.

But perhaps the only thing that irritates me more?


And lazy phockers.

It annoys the heck out of me, for instance, when I see work piled up everywhere – and “her” (for those on my list, you KNOW who that is, I wont name her for a change) just sitting around, complaining about “how I wish I had someone to do it all for me” – and yelling at the daughter from the other room to not watch the phone or what not – oddly enough, while inculcating the same terrible habit herself “because she’s an adult and can”.

OK, so can many others.

I’ve seen far lazier people as well. Ugh.

Perhaps one reason it irritates the ever living heck out of me – is not the “work piled up” – but because I’m a doer.

Even when apparently relaxing, I’m always DOING.

Like my wife keeps saying in a “tauntish” sort of manner. .

“He’s planning and plotting all day!”

True dat.

That I do.

But it annoys the shit out of me to see people doing the polar opposite, lazy, uninspired, unmotivated people – people that are fat and unhealthy and know it, people that make every excuse under the sun to bring the other person down (you should see and hear in my house “when Rahul was fat” – but when he was slim – and NOW – you’ll never hear anything about that hehe).

Maybe my family is more comprised of utter lunatics than the other families are …

… but as my wife yells at the daughter to “not watch videos” – while doing the same thing herself – I gotta say, MAN.

Then she complains about the daughter getting fat, and when its pointed out, she says (if I point it out) “she isn’t fat!”

The LEFT – my friend – is full of buffoons – and so are WOKES!

And being my immediate family is comprised of nothing but leftists and wokes that thought “Benghazi Clinton” is the best choice for President – hell, I’ll take even George W Bush over her ! – enough said.

But the laziness is the real pandemic – or epidemic – or both – of epic proportions, and its contagious

Which is why I stay to my loneseome most of the time.

And crank out more work on my lonesone than most Bozos would in several lifetimes.

Not to mention workouts.

Ah yes.

If someone is too lazy to get off the couch and invest 5 minutes a day for squats – or 10 for pushups – or perhaps 5 for jumping rope – or what not – it aint my job to convince them to do so.

I can tell them once – beyond that, I’ll just call them out ruthlessly for the idiots they are.

(sure, sure, it’s your choice to be that way, but it’s my choice to point out the TRUTH and facts)

I mean really, the left, one hand they scream about defunding police, and NO weapons in the US – other hand these moronic cunts are seen holding the very firearms they claim to hate “to defend against their rights being taken away” and are all for sending Ukraine aid or what not.

Like, no goose and gander whatsoever.

Anyway …………

Ain’t my job to motivate lazyasses.

Thats for sure.

Primarily because I feel IRRITATED to the nth degree when I see laziness, when I see idiots squandering away their lives and times doing “F all” -and secondarily because its no use i.e. you can drag that horse, kicking and screaming to the water – but it aint gonna drink no matter what if it dont WANT TO!

Thats for sure too!

But if you’re a doer, I can – and will be most glad to show you the way.

And the way to the fittest, most capable, in the pink of health YOU starts with the 0 Excuses Fitness System – which you really should have gotten by now.

And that, friend, is that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I dont agree with Chuck on many things, specifically the Tom Tomming i.e. China tom tomming, but he was dead on here –

“She dont do shyyyyyyt!”

(referring to his girlfriend).

That she dont.

She ain’t the only one though bro… Hehe.

PS #2 – Before the phat phockers reading this start to whine, no, simply being fat doesnt necessarily mean you’re lazy, yours truly (back in the day) was one prime example.

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