A house divided cannot stand
- A truism very few truly understand..

That little sentence by itself up there in the heading of this email (or post for those of you that prefer to check it via web) (truly, i do throw estabilished norms under the bus, hehe – more on that later though) should say it all.

Precious few people understand it, get it.

When you TELL someone those words, they nod and say “yes”.

But they dont get it.

In a lot of ways, it explains what is going on in the world today – what has been going on for years, actually, which I’ve been saying, but people dismissed it as “bunk”.

There are other factors of course, as I’ve spoken about, but lets focus on the house divided cannot stand analogy, because it applies fitness wise too.

But first – growing up in a Nazi feminist household, where everything was always “at the whims and behest of one person” (my mother – who until 17 or so, and in some regards a few years later too had me so brainwashed I was thinking “she was doing what she was for my own good”) (to a certain extent “love” in 2008 caused that to happen – but that was very short lived though) … (2015 again, ah, but I digress!) – anyway, growing up in such a household, as I look back, this one truism repeats itself – especially when I see the state of the place today.

In these type of families, it isn’t necessarily and usually isn’t about money, or who has it, or how.

It’s about POWER.

And ONE person, and that one person bending others to their thinking – willingly or not.

Of course, it can only happen if that one person is enabled. My mom was. Hehe.

But it doesnt do a lick of good to be that way, my friend – in such houses, it’s always about that those that feel oppressed – and cannot (so they think) rise above the pain and shackles – that are looking for (curiously enough, my mom once used this term) “an axe to grind” – and they will do it ANY way they can.

When resources or money show up in such a family, the first thought – even though most might not say it – amongst everyone is “what is it in for ME” other than “us”.

It’s always me against them – and even those that enable deep down inside feel that way, though they might not know or admit or acknowledge it…

When someone fails, the others are secretly happy (sometimes not secretly) – when someone succeeds – they’re jealous.

And when people like this HAVE to live with each other for years upon years and “see no way out” (or cannot find a way out, or believe they cannot – which trust me, despite what the Bozos following gurus on social media say about “I’m indeeeppeeenndddeeennnt” -they’re not mentally – and otherwise either because it all flows from there) – then they find EVERY way to “cut the other person down” – often times subconsciously without even knowing or showing it.

Happens most oddly, or perhaps not – with Nazi feminists living together of all things. Hehe.

Women truly are women’s worse enemies was what my significant other told me (who isn’t exactly anti Nazi feminist either to say the least).

And she’s always on about how “she’s always on my mind” (referring to her mother in law etc) when I live there – and asks me about “isnt she always on your mind too”?

Never has, never will be, but there’s no point tellin her that, and when she is, I look for, and always have – till this date – found a way to profit and benefit from the madness.

In some ways, I’ve been in a war since I was born. Hehe.

And the results show.

I should know – I’m speaking from brutal experience on this one!

Anyway – lots of you are stuck in such relationships – such households – or families where you feel “you dont have a choice”, and “you gotta do what you gotta to keep the Missus happy” or so forth.

Truth and fact is you dont, and no, bringing a T72 to the battle wont help either. Hehe. The best won battles are those where you win MENTALLY – actually, they’re all won mentally FIRST.

Fact is this, what I teach you in my one of a kind path breaking book on Nazi feminism can be applied to most “unequal” situations where you feel “you dont got a choice”.

And I dont just say one of a kind myself, even if you just scroll down to the benefits part of that sales page, you’ll see.

You’ll want to get this book NOW, my friends – it’s that good.

Now, back to fitness (as for what I said up there about “shattering norms”? well, that should be obvious – but the “post vs email” part should provoke the thinkers. Hehe. Lets see if it does!) …

SAME thing with your fitness.

If your body is made up of a system of disconnected parts (which it aint) then “isolation”, “pumping a certain muscle strand to the exclusion of others not pumped, preened and toned X number of times” – working on idiotic machines that force your body to work unnaturally (lat pulldown being one prime example) … may work.

Even then it wouldn’t ultimately.

But fact is, your body is NOT a system of disconnected parts.

When you exercise, eat, sleep, all of it – even drink your favorite brew – green tea – beer – whatever – hehe – it isnt just your lips drinking it, for one.

It’s a system that works only because all the parts within it work together.

The heart doesnt say “I’m resting too” when you go to sleep, does it?

Neither does your digestive system after a heavy meal …

Thats why I keep emphasizing workouts that tax the entire body as a whole and one part, my friend.

ONE part.

A holistic system of fitness that focuses on the most important thing we all do daily – BREATHING – FIRST – and everything else later.

On strength – but strength that is TENSILE And flexible.

Matters not if you can squat a ton, but cannot kick someone in the head with a lot of power my friend – or tear a hamstring or hip abductor doing so.

And so forth – matters not if you can bench Manahattan, but cannot wrestle your way out of a hold well applied …

If you cannot pull your WHOLE body up effortlessly for reps – until your CHIN, yes, your CHIN clears the pull-up bar, then all those deadlifts are useless, my friend.

Argue all you like with me on this, but ’tis fact, and this fact of course is backed up by FEELING – when you see someone do handstand pushups but you can’t, pull-ups, and so forth …

… And there is a reason behind that feeling.

Long story short?

This – a house divided can never stand.

And the time in which it does stand is temporary, unhappy and fleeting …

Make this a central mantra of your training philosophy TODAY, my friend.

And grab the one fitness system that truly “gets it – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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