Well, since the Kiwis started to tax cow farts… lol.
- Didnt the world just fall apart. LOL again.

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I gotta say, this LUNACY for one – has and knows no bounds.

Its all well and good to switch to alternative means of energy, but you dont just stop systems that have been working for years upon years without adequate preparation behind the scenes – and oddly enough, for the last couple of years or so with all this rubbish about “green power” and what not … I mean hey, I get it – Bozo Schofield for one loves his green hats, but everything green – well, great goal, but its an utopian one for now for very obvious reasons, and you cannot rush the process, simple.

And idiocy like this?

Cow and sheep burps to be taxed by New Zealand in world first (telegraph.co.uk)

One of the few instances where I didnt even read the entire article, but I’m sure it will mean ONE thing eventually – more price rises for those that can afford it the least, which seems to be everyone judging by the outrageous costs on everything these days. Hehe.

And, yet another tiny step towards the ultimate tipping point, that “world cleansing” I talk so much about.

War almost never happens out of one single occurence – either between two people – countries – or the globe.

Its those little things that rankle for years that build up to it (and if you’ve been payin attention, the cycle has repeated itself viciously over the course of history because men dont LEARN from it, or seem not to at least).

Anyway, back to them cow farts, some idiot once came up with some stat on it, something like “cow farts – or cattle farts contribute significantly to global warming” or some crap.

Holy crap, the planet has dealt just fine with dino farts, tiger farts, bear what not, and even cows galore until now …

As for this Al Bore inspired global warming crap – “enough said already”.

Would happen whether man was around or not . . .

And all those years ago, I remember once – I dont know why I did it, but when in China, I applied for a NZ green card (or there version of it).

Permanent residence basically, for no other reason than I could do it.

I still remember the trip taken to the local police station to get fingerprinted, where they looked at the lao wai (foreign devil) as if he was crazy “why would someone just want to up and get fingerprinted!”).


They were right about the crazy part, but my translator from the factory did a great job of explaining!

Then, long notes to HK’s finest requesting info on where I could get it done – was all part of the very voluminous paperwork I had to submit, then calls to the FBI and so forth, and a lot more.

And after all was said and done, and after I got the medical tests, paid the initial $1000 or what not, they got back with “fatty liver”.

And further instructions on how to proceed, which included getting liver biopsies amongst one, and a detailed description of how “they will take a small sliver out of your liver” or something that would probably enthrall Hannibal and bring out the Cianti or what not, but it just put me off.

Now, if I had known back then what I did now – if I had got some decent advice on workouts, exercises, how to cure all those health problems that my workouts eventually did on their lonesome, I’d have probably done it.


But I didnt!

And telling a 24 year old in the prime of his life – or a 42 year old for that matter, hehe – in the super prime of his life – to “not drink beer”?

Wasn’t going to work, period.

And i jettisoned the entire plan, I believe a certain Michael Liu working there still remembers Rahul Mookerjee though!

We dont – our types – come across too often. Hehe.

As I told Uncle Bob, “hey, I dont want it that bad!”

Those were the days of the China boom – well, the tail end of it, and you could simply get business visas and stay on there indefinitely and enjoy life (which oddly enough I didnt do for the long term, but thats another tale!) …

… and with all the girls and beer around, well, certainly no NZ for me I decided.

As Bob told me one night.

“If they really want you, they’ll make an exception”.

Pretty much what I thought too.

Anyway – looking back – I’m kinda glad I never made the choice to do it their way.

Hell, even people in NZ born there dont particularly like it, say there is no future there, are looking to leave etc, mostly for good ole Oz … (which I still maintain, I love Australia – one of my favorite countries, I’d love to visit there someday!).

And the liberal lunacy going on there, I’d probably not like it any more than I do France, which is an absolute no no for me (y’all on the list know that!).


Got me thinking, pally.

How about HUMAN farts?

Look at all the obese phocks out there belching, burping and farting their way through life – what about them?

Ah wait, how dare I call them that and hurt their feelings.

Gotta be PC eh.

But I wont – I never was – goose and gander applies no matter what.


To boil it all down – I had these gastroentital problems, liver issues, and a lot of the IBS stuff a lot of YOU guys deal with – I had it all, and then some.

I still remember a Doc once noting “colon packed with fecal matter” when I went for some sort of a checkup or something. Hehe.

And while my 0 Excuses Fitness routines did indeed cure all – the other system that really got it all out – pun intended and maybe not?

My pioneering system of isometrics based upon what the OLD timers did, my friend.

Information that old time Russian strongmen used, information that strongmen globally used – information the Great Gama used – information that is “so simple” (so say the Bozos) – yet people dont do it, except the DOERS – and the ILLUMINARIES we all read about, they all did it! – and info that flat out WORKS.

Truly, if you have IBS or any other stomach related issues, this one course, even without the 0 Excuses Fitness System – will CURE it.

And it’s EASY to do – requires but a few seconds in some cases!

To know more about this, here is where you go – Isometric and Flexibility Training.

And here – Advanced, PROFOUND, Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Compilation lovers, go HERE.

Volume Three is on the way too as I speak!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Nothing funnier than when a dumbphone lover accidentally pronounces phone as “foon” when she’s SO angry at being asked to turn it off. Hehe.

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