Dumbphone induced … PAINS.
- I aint even talking MIND!

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I realize most will be reading this on a dumbphone too, or maybe not …

It’s (unfortunately) become such an integral part of our lives, has it not?

I dont know, to me I never use the phone period – dumb or not – and a lot of my friends – and even customers still do NOT have a dumbphone.

Good ole Nokia flip phones like a certain “Uncle J” had… (I had the “brick Nokia” which never got bricked, hehe, unlike dumbphones).

Anyway …

Shoulder pain and neck pain have always been a pandemic – a real pandemic.

But TRAP pain, and sore traps – now that is something I hear more and more of these days – along with impinged necks and so forth (achy necks and so forth).

I remember my wife complaining about sore traps all the time, I once even asked her if there was “something wrong with her neck”.

She looked at me strangely.

But there was. Her neck alignment was all out, I could tell by just looking at it (of course, I did not take it any further. No point taking that horse to the water if you get my drift…).

My friend, believe it or not, the NUMERO UNO reason for sore traps these days is either one of the two – incorrect posture (or machines at the gym that encourage such via isolation and such) ….. or the dumbphone.

Second being more and more common these days, you spend the majority of your day with traps HUNCHED over, chin deep in your throat almost, well, trap pain is what will happen.

Same thing to an extent in terms of laptops, working on the bed, putting your feet up on a sofa all day and relaxing and so forth (far better to do it on a straight backed chair).

Now, thats the problem, how do you cure it you ask

Well, less dumbphone for one.

Howl, I hear………..

OK, watch the damn thing, fry your brain more than it is already if you so choose.

But, massage is one prime way in which to resolve sore necks, backs and traps – except not all of us have access to those all the time do we?

Exercise – the right forms of it – are key too, but there are some exercises better than others in terms of trap pain – or sore traps in general.

Remember, the neck and trap region is a HUGE energy “block” for most people.

When these areas feel good – and are “normal” – you not only look better – but more importantly, you feel a heck of a lot better!

And without further ado, the best exercises for this sort of soreness?

One, the BRIDGE – in all its shapes, variants and forms. Taught in 0 Excuses Fitness, it can be done by anyone if you work up to it – and doesnt necessarily require extreme strength or flexibility despite what you might think from the pictures in the book and videos.

Two, pull-up – either basic, or advanced.

Three, the REVERSE pushup – and WALL walking.

The exercise in this book is quite difficult to master but once you crack it, it will blow you away at how good it makes your entire body feel, I’m 63 and let me tell you, this one exercise has done more for my overall wellbeing than anything else I’ve ever done. A masterpiece, thank you.

For the reverse pushup and my book on it was that testimonial from a certain John Walker…

And fourth, last, but not least – FORWARD bends – of all sorts. Front bridge being one, but a lot of the forward bends taught in my books on ISOMETRICS.

I’m linking the compilation above, but you can get the books individually too – check out the products page for more on that.

We truly have ALL options – paperback, HARDCover, digital- so you have NO excuses left, my friend.  (other than what a lot of Bozos trot out, we all know what that is. Pah).

a lot of people think that BACK bends are all you need to get good at.

Now, traps, back, yes, all of that requires a lot of back bending, but if you dont balance it out with a few forward bends, then you’ll be in trouble too.

Remember, goose and gander, remember, forward bends and stretches REALLY work the hamstrings and BACK of the legs… another HUGE energy block for most people (and injury cause) – so dont neglect those, my friend.

Incorporate these into your routine, and reduce your reliance on the dumbphone, and watch that back pain say bye bye NOW.

Well, my friend, I’m off, oddly enough to do some biz on the dumbphone…

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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