Moonstone gemstone lunacy and more…
- It continues. Hehe.

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The more people feel out of control, the more they turn to their tantra mantras, it seems. Hehe.

Especially the loons, the loonier you are, the LAZIER you are – in general – and Nazi feminists, SJW’s, Bozos, Faggots, and so forth …

You guys know the sort I’m referring to. Hehe. And that link above should tell you a lot in itself about my thoughts on all this crap.

Anyway, my wife got a package this morning, instinctively WITHOUT looking at the package, I knew what it was.

“Gemstones”, I inferred – despite the package being HUGE and despite me not even looking at it. I had no idea what was in it, or where it came from, but I guessed.

If I didnt, it would show up on my email.

Hehe. And it has before – and I’ve asked my wife about it, and she did the phone equivalent of glaring back at me “you’re tracking me!”

No, honey, I ain’t either.

Thats what you REALLY call using the MIND – and MIND POWER.

Predicting events before they happen, getting solutions to issues in dreams – DECIPHERING dreams that seemingly make no sense, connecting the little dots, trusting in the mind, and GUT – winners in life do all that.

There’s more to it than that, but anyway – I remembered what my wife once told me about acupuncture.

Now, remember I live in China, go to all the foot massages in the world, cup massages, and so forth – name a traditional remedy, I’ve done it (I still remember her “ewwing” when I told her a male doc once gave me a massage – honey, that was a clothed massage, a MEDICAL massage! But try explaining that to someone whose mind is closed) …

… so I’d say I know a little something or two about all this. Hehe.

I dont necessarily believe in reflexology, pressure points etc, but I’m sure there is SOMETHING to it, sure feels good – and painful when you first start.

I’m more interested in the girls to be honest. Hehe.

“He doesnt know anything about this”, she once sagely informed my daughter. “He just asks me, then claims he’s an expert”.


I can’t remember claiming to be an expert on acupuncture or related nonsense. Hehe. Can you? Please let me know if you do!

Doesnt know anything about it?  A guy who has literally been called a “healer via touch” …

But anyway (and the feeling seems to be mutual) – this “moonstone” what not has a long laundry list of supposed benefits, one being “to attract opulence”, one being “gain confidence” – bla, bla, yada, nada, schnada, ….. and the last being “if you have problems with women, dealing with mothers, mother figures etc” – then get this.

I swear, I dont see how people believe in this junk, and more so day by day …

And the last is likely why the lovely wife got this, dealing with a Nazi feminist mom in law as it were. Takes two though, peas in a pod and all that …

Despite all the money spent, despite all the tantras, mantras, neither one’s life has changed in any appreciable way … for years.

And it wont till they get these two fundamentals.

One, the MIND – and belief is what is responsible for creating RESULTS.

Yours truly who looks like so much of a bum off the streets at home sometimes attracts far more from the dark cave he resideth in than all these loons claiming this guru or that guru will cure the problems of the world …

It isnt about what you wear, jewelry, and so forth.

Same thing for these idiots that keep buying “weight loss supplements” from these websites.

And keep complaining about gaining weight, yet, despite having a stellar example in front of them do exactly F all in terms of LOSING that weight, and are secretly envious of the doers and their results…

Look, all the supplements, herbs, pill, and other crap in the world wont do a damn bit of good if you dont DO the thing, which is to stop being lazy and exercise (and if you do, chances are they wont help).

What is needed for most people is a kick up the ass, and less reliance on this sorta crap, not MORE.

When they will get it, only they know…

Anyway, as far as Nazi feminism goes, the best piece of advice I can give men dealing with it – get AWAY – as soon as possible, from those situations.

Dont just “accept it and live with the pain to have a “peaceful life””. It aint gonna work, deep down inside you know it too.

And if you cannot get away, then use the MIND – and the tricks – which are so subtle I shouldnt even call them tricks – I outline in the book on combating it – and PROFITING from it.

Hey, if you can’t beat’em, join ’em, and profit from them. I realize a lot of you reading this might shrug and say whatever, but my track record and results in this area speaks for itself.

No, the price of the book, or any of the others are NOT going to go down – period – before someone asks (again).

For women, my sincere advice is not to be that way – and again, if you’re stuck dealing with that sort of woman as a woman “women tend to be womens worst enemies” as the wife keeps saying (silently thinking!) …then get the book NOW.

Fitness wise, same thing.

Start doing – TODAY.

And thats all I gotta say about that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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