Why I’m going to continue to be MORE of a hardass about my prices.
- Read, get offended, whichever it is, YOU choose.

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Some of you, a lot of you have noticed the almost utter lack of emails from my end for a few days – which for some one that promises one email a day, and gives you like 7-10 plus consistently, is not on – you might think?

The astute and obersvant might have noticed that the same thing happened around this time LAST year…

Now, I’m not going to get into the reasons, or maybe I will, but first, here’s something I got last week as soon as I made the decision to temporarily “Slow down” on the emails.

“Can’t you just reduce the price !!!? i,m struggling to pay my bills, my NetFLXI has been turned off already, I cant buy my …”

And this rant went on for a paragraph, supposedly about how he couldn’t buy “snacks” (whatever those were) “because they’re too expensive or some crap” and it started and ended with the same crap i.e. “cost”.

Now, beside the obvious reasons which I’ve stated way too often (do a search on this either on Google or on this site, and you’ll find out why I dont just NOT do business with price wankers, but I PUSH them away and REPEL them as much as humanly possible, regardless of “lost sales now” – regardless of the so called depression and other nonsense and what not..) – here is why I Ain’t got no sympathy for this crap, period.

Let me repeat – none at all.

This is the same guy who whined about Netflix and his Ship membership expiring which he never ever renewed.

I mentioned him then…

… and now?

Really, dude.

If he had complained about something halfway important, or really important – for instance, cant make his house or car payment – cant provide for family – or what not – I’d probably not be calling him out here.

No, I wouldn’t reduce prices anyway – but I wouldnt call him out either, but some idiot – I repeat, IDIOT for whom “chips and Netflix” (and probably tubs of country brew too, ugh) is that important that he has to plan for that, but whines about life changing products like mine he WANTS (or he wouldnt keep emailing me) – with all the obvious benefits – compared to something that ruins you mentally and physically – well, for idiots like that all I’ll do is call ’em BUFFOONS.

Period, that is what they are, buffoons.

If you’re that addicted to Bozo Flix, join Schofield in Brum lazing about on his couch with his stained fingers wanking to girls’s feet while claming to do “charity”. Ugh.

But dont come here and expect sympathy from ME – you will get the polar opposite (if the above is you).

I’m always happy to listen to GENUINE customers – or people.

And I’ve gone on record bending over backwards on price for people who I feel TRULY deserve it, and I’ve never once been proven wrong.

For the vast majority of jackasses out there though, sorry, it ain’t happening no matter what.

I mean, if people are so damn STUPID after all I’ve been saying for years about World War III being in the works, about how things will really go downhill in 2025, China’s 5 year plans, what has been going on for years before 2020 – then, well, they deserve everythign that they’re getting right now.

Like Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing, it’s mens THOUGHTS that lead to ruin and depression.

This was as true in the 1920’s as it is now, anyone that cannot see the parallels is a moron, anyone that sees them and shrugs their shoulders and says “there is nothing I can do” is … well, self defeatist to say the least.

I realize this may offend a lot of you, thats fine, feel free to flame me publicly. Hehe.

But dont come runnning to me looking for sympathy on all this, you aint getting it, because you dont deserve it.

Yours truly knows one thing from being in the trenches, educated in the school of hard knocks plenty of times “if you dont help yourself, no-one else will”.

Ultimately, you have to DO, its as simple as that.

And if youre not buying products because they’re too expensive or other crap, despite you wanting to, then you’re not a doer, its that simple.

Dont agree?

Well, prove me wrong, and I’ll be happy to retract my words PUBLICLY.

Last but not least, Im getting sick and tired of providing way more value than you signed up for, and dealing with, for the most part, as a customer put it once “Rahul, you must have the patience of a saint, all day long, dealing with shit thrown at you“…

He was being very nice about it. HEhe.

I’m actually an impatient person in many regards!

But, that patience is there for genuine folks, but it’s wearing thin, it does so every year around this time, and while emails will commence again soon, for now, I’m silently recording how many doers come to this site, and the other one, how many ACTUALLY have an intention to buy, or do something, and more…

Lots (good) in the works for that bunch.

The rest, well…

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And if you’re so much of a cheapskate (like idiot above) who whines every time summer comes around and you have to spend one, or a few more red cents, well, this probably aint the place for you either.

I mean, theres a limit to providing so much value for free. Ugh.

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