Why I tend to shake my head – being polite! – at perennial “coupon seekers”
- Tyre kickers.

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You know the sort, I’m sure?

The guy – or gal – that wont buy one damn thing unless it’s on discount, or unless he or she has checked out the entire internet for “lower prices on it” – until she/he compares prices on ALL the major sites for that $10 product they’re buying – and so forth.

And in many cases, even after that they’ll postpone the buy.

“Lets buy it when it’s on a special”.

This type usually has me shaking my head – big time.

Now, before you start cussing me out about the cost of living rising etc – although I could answer “hey, ain’t my fault” – and b) YOUR thoughts are causing it as a whole and c) “well, it applies to everyone, yours truly included” – hear me out.

I’m NOT “against” this sort of shopping sometimes, I’ve got nothing against people that do it – for certain types of items – and I dont think they’re bad people or stupid or what not either.

Well, sometimes stupid to say the least.

Now, what do I mean?

If it’s something like lets say a bar of soap, and one bar costs slightly more than the other due to brand, or coupon or whatever – then hey – I’ve been known to deal shop too.

By all means do so , there is no point “wasting” your money and paying more to get the same damn thing.

Ditto for a certain thing known as GAS, hehe, if you can save a few bucks here and there by making an out of station or state trip to fill up, do so …

But products like mine?

Let me ask you first …

When you go to a heart surgeon for a heart surgery do you shop around for the cheapest guy to do it – and when you find him or her, do you try and bargain him down even then?

When you buy luxury products – or eat out at fancy restaurants – same thing.

Do you?


I didnt think so, and the above are only two examples.

Yet, these same people, or a lot will cry up a storm about a product like Battletank Shoulders – something that can save them THOUSANDS of dollars in saved/recouped doctore fees, chiro visits, digestive issues – and so forth.

Not to mention give them more health and real strength than all the gyms in the world can.

Same thing for the book on isometrics.

Or any of my others!

Not to mention, a lot of my books are progressions, with the benefits and costs RISING with each progression (in most cases).

And if someone isnt willing to pay the tab on #1, chances are slim and next to none they’ll pay it for #2, and so forth …

Back to value tho –

I mean, someone could write books on hill sprints if they wanted to and price it at $99 – or $9 – but what price the content, friend?

A lot of these cheap books, some written by CELEBRITIES no less – right, celebrities – have entire CHAPTERS missing.

I seem to recall a boxer from the UK putting out a book (cant remember his name) with tons of reviews on Amazon saying just that.

Or, with “pictures missing” (another book).

Was it truly then worth it to get the “low priced” book or something someone has poured their lifes learning and heart and soul into – for slightly more?

And it’s THOSE people that look for discounts every time even on a site like this that I try and avoid – and repel – like the plague from China (which I honestly dont care about two hoots, hehe).

Again, dont get me wrong. I created the rewards page to help genuine customers, but while that happened, I saw an exponential rise of cheap asses “waiting for the products” to be on discount “again” – again never COMES! … and therefore, I’ve stopped updating that page for now (as some of you have no doubt noticed).

In short, if someone were to go to a Michelin grade restaurant and try and lowball their way out of paying the tab “it just ain’t happening” and you’d be stupid to think it might.

Same thing here…

IT’s simple, friend.

Look at what you’re GETTING.

I realize far sightedness and “future thoughts and planning” are far away from the average person’s thoughts, but remember – this is the “creme la creme” of fitness (yours truly – I aint even just bragging) your dealing with.

Last, but not least, no, you dont know it all already, and you aint seen it all already.

My buddy from the Marines for one knows more about guns, knives, WAR, tanks, and probably bazookas too than a platoonful of average men and women and Sissy Schofields.

Yet, he didnt know how to do Hindu squats until I taught him one fine night while drinking beer.

I was wearing tight jeans too.

“I dont want them to RIP” , I remember saying.

“no you dont!” 



They never did, luckily.

But you get my point…

And thats why.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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