Why I cannot stand cucks that “do it to keep the wife happy”
- Ugh.

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While secretly hating every damn minute of it, yet doing it to keep the peace.

Thats the majority of men in this world today, especially a lot of the liberal lot.

This philosophy of “keeping the wife happy at all costs” no matter what may provide some sort of temporary “peace” at home – but when that shoe starts to pinch, remember one thing, my friend.

As Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla and me always used to discuss,

“Theres no credit for anything you do, or have done in the past”.

It’s about all take, take take

(He wasn’t telling me nothing new, of course. Hehe).

You could have brought mountains of gold home – but when she fritters that away and looks for more – she’s going to monkey branch on to the next available “pole” – or moan and groan about “how life is so tough” and so forth and “how men create all the problems” and all that …

I’d agree with her on the last – if she was referring to cuckolds.

I can still hear my friend Chuck once telling me “you’ll have to explain the term cuck to Kate!” (he was referring to a friend of his in that regard who was acting that way).

I never did.


But last night, while I was having one of those “ugh” discussions with the wife, which of course involved putting me down and then claiming “its just a joke” (funny how those jokes never build anyone up, huh??) … I got a further insight into the lunacy of Nazi feminism, not that I needed it anyway.

Those that have read the sales page on the book know the whole mess, or should at any rate – wife and mom fight, cuckolded father “attempts to be a big man” – and when push comes to shove, guess who gets the brickbats from all angles.

Yours truly is called a deserted by certain dumb ass Nazi feminist cunts.

Yet, the truth of the matter is this – when I wanted to stay, and I tried for the majority of my marriage, I was never “allowed to” in that I either do it their way or the highway, and yours truly doesnt bend to dictums, period.

Yours truly gives it back x 1000 – like I did and do with Schofield.

Yours truly Black Mamba waits it out in the wilderness for years – never forgets – and attacks back when the time is RIGHT.

Planning and plotting subconsciously has always been something that has been natural to me.

Not so to Nazi feminists who wouldn’t recognize a plan if it was handed to them inscribed in stone, and as I discussed with the (so called) “wife” – as to how my mother of all people “gets credit” (I was giving to my daughter which is how it SHOULD BE!) for my daughter being a quick and voracious reader (of course, the genetics she got from me – yours truly – and all the encouragement I’ve given over the years, all the books I kept buying her etc, all forgotten) for it.

And apparently the wife gets “credit” for my daugher’s sports – though the results there are nowhere to be seen.

Nazi feminist in general tend to oscillate where the money “dangles” and where there is easy money on offer, neither one of the two in my family are an exception to this rule.


And they’ll happily forget all their own arguments, everything that happened in the past – cold hard FACTS – and use their “we’re women, so we can say it, but you can” idiocy to blow right past FACTS.

As Marc once told me.

“I dont think your wife even has any idea how destructive she has been to your relationship”.

By aligning her lot with the very person she hated, yes, she has been, but unfortunately, that is the crux of Nazi feminist “thinking” – selfish behavior to an extreme.

And it’s MEN – cuckolded men at the end of the day who enable all this.

And these idiots need to be called out for who they are – IDIOTS.

Listen, guys – if you’re one of these people – then man up, admit – and CHANGE your situation.

And learn how to profit from them as well – I did, because I literally had to or “not survive”.

Been a battle, but I won it – as I always do most battles.

Anyway, thats the rant for the day.

Remember, the direct never works with Nazi feminists.

More tips in the book – the only one of it’s kind, and I’ve got more coming on this front too.

Back to Dad – So what did Dad do, I asked.


Knowing the answer.

“You weren’t here!”   (of course, my wife was more than happy to take the money and still is “when I’m not here”). Hehe. 

I could have pointed out the facts, I could have said this, that, but whats the point.

I laughed internally, and then simply went about my own business.

Results speak.

And I bring in way more of them than the Nazi feminists or cucks ever could.

Which is what pisses them off more than anything else.

Never give up your freedom, my friend.

And your independence.

Always have a weapon in hand – a secret weapon.

And the way to fight this sort of thing is shown here.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Stay in great shape (something else Nazi feminists hate, because they know it means girls flocking to you, hehe) – by following the 0 Excuses Fitness System. When you’re losing inches around your waist rapidly while eating MORE and weighing LESS – seemingly doing nothing – you’ll be the one having the last laugh at the pathetic Nazi feminists wielding their massive unweidly LAZY bellies ” on show, ugh!” like some sort of a trophy . . .

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